What’s Your Reason for Working Out?

Here’s a little poll if you will!

You workout because:

1) You’ve become addicted to the ‘runner’s high’ so much so that you feel it’s better than a bottle of wine and waaaaay better than sex

2) To get away from clingy kids who won’t even let you go to the bathroom in peace

3) You want to rock that little black dress and make your ex ooze with jealously and regret

4) You want to be able to eat and drink like a viking

5) All of the above apply to you

We all have our reasons and heaven knows, without the real reasons why we put ourselves through such tortuous activities on a daily or weekly basis, there would be no January influx of newbie gym dwellers or an America with at least a few skinny people left in it. Let’s face it, there is an obesity epidemic because people haven’t realized how awesome working out can really be! (McDonalds and their dollar menu may also have something to do with it, but I’m not pointing any fingers.)

For example, as stated in choice #1, there is the ‘runner’s high’, and believe me, it’s a real thing. It’s an increase in your feel good hormones (endorphins) that help you to relieve stress, better your sour mood and give you energy to tackle those crappy chores that honestly, no one likes—like doing laundry and cleaning the toilet. Seriously I have come home from a great workout and headed right to the toilet with brush in hand. You feel invincible!

And carving out some ‘me time’ for overworked mommies is essential, like in #2. It’s a preemptive mommy time out so as to not lose your sh*t in front of your kids. Exercise can provide a space in which you can hear your own thoughts, talk with other adults if you’re in an exercise class and leave the world of make-believe behind for a moment. It’s essential for everyone’s well-being. (My mom may have benefitted from an exercise class or two back in the 70’s!)

We all have our reasons why we physically challenge our bodies and knowing the real reasons why you do it may help to keep you on that road towards better health and ultimately towards a better life, a better marriage and a better existence all around!

For me, my real reasons are that I’m definitely addicted to the ‘runner’s high’ (I have no idea how else our apartment would stay relatively clean), and also, pre-pregnancy, I was quite the viking warrior on the weekends! (Ah, to be young and so not pregnant.) Now I workout to increase my odds for a speedy delivery!

Whatever your reason, stick with it, the benefits are more than you can imagine!

Anne Marie Costanzo is a nationally certified personal trainer and owner of Little Black Dress Personal Training. She can be reached at am@littleblackdresspt.com or (914) 841-1121.

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