What’s Making You Fat?

I’m overwhelmed. Aren’t you?

I mean seriously, how many exercise books, fad diet books and excuses (maybe it’s your thyroid that’s making you fat or maybe it’s all the high fructose corn syrup you’re eating in all that processed food you buy that’s making you fat, or maybe it’s that you have an excuse for everything that’s making you fat, so let’s write a book about it) are out there that are driving people mad when it comes to weight loss?

I get emails every single day from about 30 different sites—I really should hit that unsubscribe button more often but I do enjoy the occasionally giggle I get from reading some of this stuff… like the company that’s promoting weight loss and is so concerned about yourhealth that its providing you the most “up to date” research on how to eat right and how you should know what goes into your food and then they sympathize with how difficult it all can be so why not just sign up with them and receive a free trial of their 30 day meal replacement shakes and bars that provide you with all the necessary nutrients a healthy body needs, thus taking all the guesswork out of eating right for you. Oh and by the way, forget what it just said about being able to read and understand the ingredients or even know what the hell you’re ingesting because their meal replacements are filled with about 20 unintelligible ingredients. But they care… really they do. So much so that they’re willing to give you afree trial! (Free trial = your credit card number and one guy in his basement in South Dakota providing ‘customer service’.) If you’re unfamiliar with that scam, then go ahead and order your free trial of the acai berry supplement coupled with the colon cleanse. It will thin out your bank account faster than it takes a Biggest Loser contestant to lose 20 pounds in the first week.

My inbox is also inundated with “new” fitness trends and at least 50 ways from 50 different sources on how to get that bikini body ready for summer as a girl the size of a toothpick saunters across the beach with a 2 lb weight in her hand.

Spare me! (Again, I should unsubscribe but we’ve been over this already.)

The truth of the matter is, none of this crap is relevant. It’s all about making money, (big time money at that) and selling you the dream of a toothpick body. (And who even wants that? Doesn’t a 135 pound healthy body look much more attractive than a 104 pound waif body that could easily get picked up and carried out with a small gust of wind?)

You all know what you should be doing and you know when you’re not doing it. For example, look at me… I know Ben and his pal Jerry are not going to make me feel energized, rejuvenated and thin… but I occasionally reach for them anyway. More spinach, kale, peppers and broccoli are what I really need, and I know it! And so do you! Do we really need a book to tell us that? I don’t think so… there comes a point when common sense and accountability come into play.

My point in all this is to inspire you to stop sitting around waiting for the ‘reason’ why you can’t lose weight to show up in some fitness article or book that’s ultimately trying to sell you the next fad or trend when you know, plain and simple that you need to eat less junk, prepare more meals and eat your veggies (at least three servings a day).

Common sense and accountability… the Ben & Jerry’s of 2011!

Now go get yourself some!

Anne Marie Costanzo is a nationally certified personal trainer and owner of Little Black Dress Personal Training. Share with her any and all comments you may have on fitness and exercise!

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