Tomorrow is Paul Chek Day!

Times SquareTomorrow I’m heading into the city and I’m so excited!! Not only because I thoroughly enjoy being in the city since it’s not so often I make it in anymore (although I’ll be in Times Square, which normally I can’t stand but I’ll make an exception to be happy about… but just this once), but I’m also excited because I will be in a seminar from 9 to 4:30! (No sarcasm whatsoever… I really am excited. Really.) My excitement is derived from who I will be sitting in on all day listening to and that is one Paul Chek! (Crickets?) Anyone know (who’s not in fitness) who that is? Probably not, I’ll give you that. However, to many of us in the fitness biz, Paul Chek is the guru of all things fitness and we LOVE him. (Or maybe you hate him, what do I know… but you still know who he is!)

Who he is is a holistic health practitioner and this guy is a freaking genius! He’s so enjoyable to sit and listen to because he’s extremely knowledgeable, funny and inspiring; and he was a high school drop out. Go figure. Anyway, I’m a total groupie and I want to be like Paul when I grow up. What he’s going to be discussing tomorrow is functional training for core conditioning. (Crickets?) I know, it sounds riveting but this is what I geek out to and I love it! (I really apologize as I do sound out of control geeky here and that’s not my intention. Let me kick the geekiness down a notch and mention that afterwards I will be going wine tasting with friends at the French Consulate… and yes, I’m SUPER excited about that! However, now I just sound geeky-chic-snobby… can’t win today.)

Anyhoo, next week I’ll be bursting with new info on core training and as long as  I remember everything I learned (which depends on my wine consumption ;)), I will share all relevant info to all interested parties because let’s face it, every woman out there wants a stronger (and leaner) core! (Tip: lay off the wine for that!)

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