The Mile-High Club Fitness Challenge Has a Winner!

About two weeks ago I posted a blog suggesting a few fitness challenges that one could implement, if they were so inclined, in the hopes of increasing motivation and getting people to be more active. (There was an article in the NY Times on Aug 3 stating that obesity rates are still increasing across our country… there are now nine states with obesity rates reaching 30% or more, which is up from three states in 2007. At this rate, in just one decade, almost every state could bulging at the seams, literally.)

So in my humble quest to help people get motivated, I threw out a few suggestions and one actually stuck. I was able to influence one of my friends (and client) to set up her own challenge with a group of her friends.

The challenge: Who can rack up the most miles in a two week period either by walking or running. Each participant threw in $10, so with 7 women in the challenge the winner walked away with $70 – not bad for two weeks of exercising.

Each women bought a pedometer and were told that they could only track their steps when exercising so it would be something they did in addition to their daily activities. (Walking around the grocery store didn’t count because that is something they would do normally on any given day – but specifically going out for a run or walk was not part of their regular day so that is when they would wear the pedometer.)

At the end of the two weeks you’re not going to believe how many miles the winner logged… over 100 miles! (That is one woman who either loves to walk, is super competitive or really wanted to be a part of the Mile-high club!) Even more shocking is that she didn’t win by much. Coming in at a close second was a woman who logged in over 90 miles. (I think we may have tapped into something here… competitive street walking could be the new Mommy and Me group!)

A heartfelt congratulations to the winner, you did an outstanding job! (I hope you’re treating yourself to something special with your winnings… a pedicure perhaps!)

And congratulations to all the women who participated, becoming more active and a little healthier is a great consolation prize!

Hopefully this will propel others to create their own fitness challenge with a group of friends so they can help to motivate and support each other in their quest to becoming more physically fit, active and healthy!

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