The Best Breakfast You Could Possibly Imagine

This one has it all. Protein, vitamins, minerals, nutrients; it’s low-fat, hardly a gram of sugar and low in calories. It’s the perfect meal, if only they could all be so.. so.. freaking good for you.

However, and here is the one sticking point… you have to actually take 5 minutes to make it. There it goes, I just lost 95% of you. All hard working, dedicated souls to the America that is so corporate, I lost you. And all the mom’s who have screaming kids who demand your attention and soul, you’re equally appalled at the mere mention of five minutes to do something for yourself. I get it. Life is hectic. We’re not all ex-corporate inmates and newly wedded with no children (yet) dwellers who have the five minutes to make a healthy breakfast.

But don’t disregard this rant just yet… there are options. Like the deli, the bagel shop, or the diner on your way to work. They can make this there as well, so you can email, text, video conference and scold junior all while waiting for your morning dose of energy and sunshine. (Because when you start your day off right, then it’s all sunshine and rainbows for the rest of the day.)

So what is this magic meal? Very simply put, it’s a veggie omelette. Simple, easy, healthy, and one of the best things to start your day off right. It’s the new happy meal! (The only thing it may be lacking, and I say this quite sadly because it really is almost the most perfect dish, is fiber. So maybe throw in some unprocessed bran flakes.. they’re just itty-bitty flakes of bran that you probably wouldn’t even notice in the first place. You can find some at your local grocer if you got the time.)

Here is a breakdown of a veggie omelette from a great site,

Nutritional Facts


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