Stressed Out? Put Down the Krispy Kreme and Rev Up the Body!


Stressed out womanStress is an undeniable fact. It’s going to surface at one time or another in our lives. And we all know that stress is neither glamorous nor fun. It turns the “well-put-together” diva that we are into a chocolate-devouring, evil-eyed Medusa that frightens grown men and young children! This, my ladies, is not a pretty picture. This energy that manifests itself and erupts needs to be harnessed and redirected for the sake of humanity. Or, at least, for your household! But how? It’s so much easier to be the evil-eyed Medusa, wreaking havoc wherever she goes, than to take time that we think we don’t have, to refocus our energies. But with all things worthwhile, this takes work. But they payoff is enormous.

So how can this evil energy be harnessed for good? You guessed it. Exercise. Good, old-fashioned exercise. There are studies that state regular aerobic training helps to reduce your heart rate when responding to psychological and emotional stress. So just by running, walking or cruising on a bike regularly, you are helping your mind and body prepare to handle stress. What happens during a workout is that about 20 minutes in, your body starts releasing endorphins which are the body’s “feel good hormones.”  These hormones can help to refocus your mind and better manage your stress at a time when you may be feeling vulnerable to stress. Exercise is like a drug to the body. It’s the real-deal magic pill that can improve your health and your body’s chemical responses to life.  And while not 100% proven, there is a possibility that regular exercise may offer a long-term health benefit by helping to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, a leading killer of women in the U.S. The substance abuse treatment miami can help in case one needs help with getting out of addiction issues.

So what do you have to lose? Save the chocolate-devouring for another day, one of happiness and celebration than of stress and evil! And take 20 minutes a day to rev up the body and mind so you can better face the day!

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