Pilates is a Must!

PilatesSo I finally attended my first Pilates class… and I’m digging it.

With its slow and steady moves. Its mind and body connection. The strenuous ab moves. This is definitely a class I’ll be adding to my repertoire to fill those days when I want to change things up. (Plus, the teacher didn’t single out any first timers, so I could take the gloves off. And since we all had mats it was like we were on our own little islands, eliminating any fear of bumping into your neighbor. It’s the little things.)

My one critique though is that it wasn’t a ‘get your heart rate up’ activity. (Somewhere along the way I must have gotten addicted to high-energy, sweat sessions—like you get with spin and cardio kickboxing—and am now disappointed if I don’t get that in every class.) The instructor didn’t use any weights and there was no music. (Is this normal?)

After the class I contemplated jumping on the treadmill for 30 minutes to get a sweat going, but I resisted the urge (quite easily actually!) as I decided that I did work out some muscles that have been a bit dormant, so it would probably be best to wait it out and see if there is any soreness tomorrow. The class did feel more like yoga to me, but to be fair, there were moves I couldn’t hold for long and some things that looked easy proved to be very taxing on the abs, which I liked. Plus, there were also moves that focused on the hips, which apparently I don’t have as much strength there as I thought I did… could be why my Zumba booty thrusts were atrocious.

In addition, Pilates really drove home my serious lack of flexibility. (Just the way yoga does every time I go.) Keeping those legs held up straight in the air while lying on my back was not an easy maneuver to hold and one I’m determined to master!

So while it wasn’t heart pumping and sweat producing, I wasn’t nearly as disappointed as I was when I went to Zumba, (which I’m still willing to give another shot), so I’ll take that as a good sign. And since I can’t really say anything bad about it I’ll definitely be back for more.

I just noticed a class called Cardio Video Dance… do I dare?

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