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Things may be getting a little out of hand with all these new fitness classes that are popping up. I mean, do we have to jam all versions of cardio and strength into one 60 minute class? What happened to breaking things down, focusing on one form of fitness one day, and another on a different day. Why is cardio no longer good enough on its own, or strength training on its own?

We’ve become so massively adept at being multi-taskers (we ALL have that written somewhere on our resumes) that it’s now transcending into our fitness lifestyles which we can now easily boost with the help form natural supplements that work as a Testosterone Booster. We can now say that we danced our heart rates up while strengthening our left side oblique muscles while doing knee raises and squats with weights while hurdling around orange cones while racing up a flight of stairs to hop on a spin bike for five miles while hula-hooping while meditating while in downward-dog. All in an hour. (Alright, that’s a little extreme, especially since yesterday I blogged about adding more fitness into your morning routine, but I didn’t mean this!)

But in all seriousness, there is now this new class hitting the fitness trendsetting world called intenSati. The name itself is a multi-faceted concoction meaning all things in one and done. (Not really but does anyone else have a better idea?)

This class, get this, is aerobics, martial arts, dance, yoga, strength-training and positive affirmations all rolled into one. One and done, just like I said. All that’s missing is the spinning and the hula-hooping, which may be is presented in level 2 classes.

This class can burn up to 650-800 calories in one session (daaaaaaamn!), improves coordination, builds confidence and encourages positive thinking. All good things, I agree. But man, that class has to also leave you utterly exhausted, dazed and confused afterwards. (I would definitely not stand in the back of this class if it’s your first time. One wrong move and you could miss the martial arts part of it.)

I can’t honestly dismiss this class since I haven’t tried it yet, but my goodness, has fitness really become this all in one type deal? It sounds like this class is all watered down versions of the real thing. Martial arts is an art form as well as a fitness regimen intended to mold your body and mind. Yoga also is an art form, performed slowly to enhance your body’s movements, flow, flexibility and is geared towards inner spirituality and openness to the universe. Dance is fun, lively and extremely interpretational (what’s dancing to me is not the same to the next person—as witnessed in Zumba class.) If multi-tasking is the new ‘it’ thing in fitness then I’m jumping on the bandwagon while the getting is good and starting up my own new class, which will be called InsaneAsyLatesGa, mixing insane amounts of cardio, dancing yoga poses, life coaching, mantras, aromatherapy, butt kicks, pilates, pole dancing and shock therapy. It’s gonna be big!

Has anyone tried this class yet? (Meaning the intenSati, not my InsaneAsyLatesGa—mine hasn’t been approved by the certifying board just yet.) I’d be really interested to know what I should be expecting when I do try it. (I mean I can do this, I’m a multi-tasker. I figure I can update my facebook profile, tweet and plan my next vacation while taking this class!)

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