In A Rare Flash of Genius It Came To Me!

Skinn GirlI’m in the shower trying to come up with a good blog topic for today and while the shower is usually good thinking ground for me, all I cold come up with was how you don’t need any equipment to get in a good workout. Blah. I’ve done that before, no need to start repeating myself just yet. But this idea won’t stop circulating in my head. It’s like a bad song getting stuck in there (every time I hear Usher’s song, OMG, it plays incessantly in my head for days, drives me insane). So that’s what this idea is doing and I hate it.

So afterwards, I still got this idea bumping around, but then in a rare moment, all went clear and boom, I had a great idea. You may or may not agree but I’m sharing anyway since it’s my blog and I can whine all I want.

So my thinking is, as a person who works out of her home (or travels to client’s home), I tend to miss the socializing that goes on in a work environment on a daily basis. I have friends I can see of course, but the majority of my day is spent with me, and only me. I like myself well enough which is good… but OMG (Usher) I can get down right boring at times. So I like groups and I like joining them, and so do a lot of other women, especially if it’s based around an idea that everyone can all appreciate.

Book clubs seem to be the new Tupperware parties of the day (without the added pressure of having to throw down $100 to get away from the domineering Tupperware lady.) I believe all my sister’s are involved in one and I was recently also. It was a lot of fun with the eating and drinking and socializing but I soon realized that I was the only one who wasn’t reading the assigned book for that month… and they actually would talk about the book at some point, albeit for 5 minutes, but nonetheless, that’s a conversation that made me feel like I didn’t do my homework… it’s embarrassing and I get all red-faced and who wants that? (It’s not that I don’t like to read, but these days the books that are littered about my apartment are The Belly Fat Cure, Sugar-Busters and The 150 Healthiest Foods. Not book club material.)

SO, here’s where my flash of genius comes in. Instead of the commonplace book club for wining, dining and gossiping (and talking about books), how about, for the more fitness oriented individuals, a fitnessclub.

Eh?! Can you smell what I’m stepping in? This is good stuff.

Twice a month, once a month or whatever, get together with your elite fitness-loving girls and gaggle away about all things fitness. Call it the Flirty Girl Club (after Flirty Girl Fitness—which is the new girly fitness rage and if it isn’t in your area, I’m sure it will be soon… it’s gonna spread like Zumba.)

Think about it.. I’m all jazzed up on it and would love to start my own fitty girl club… any takers?!

Anne Marie Costanzo is a nationally certified personal trainer and owner of Little Black Dress Personal Training. She can be reached at or (914) 841-1121.

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