I’m Just Not a Morning Person

Kid sleeping on sofaSo I woke up this morning at the crack of dawn, which for me is 6:30, and being well-known as an anti-morning person, this is a struggle for me. (I enjoy my sleep tremendously.) So there is all sorts of crankiness, mutterings under my breath and a total sense of annoyance encompassing me as I stumble into the bathroom… my usual early morning fanfare.

However, despite all my whining, I sit here five hours later totally satisfied with my morning which I must credit to a great workout I did… albeit three hours after waking up since the only thing worse than my morning attitude is my morning energy levels. (Coffee anyone?)

So if you’re like me and despise waking up to an alarm clock, then maybe this workout will help make it all worthwhile.

Warm up

30 jumping jacks
30 butt kicks
30 side steps
30 high knees

Workout (work up to being able to go through this circuit 3 times)

Lateral lunges
Step out to the side with your right leg and while keeping left leg straight, bend right knee, making sure knees do not go over toes. Then push off right foot back to standing.
Do 12 on each side and follow with 30 jump ropes

Mountain Climbers
On hands and toes, wrists under shoulders in plank position, bring right knee up to chest and then switch legs bringing left knee up to chest, moving as fast as you can. (As if you’re climbing a mountain… captain obvious here!)
Do 15 and follow with 30 jumping jacks

Shoulder pendulum swing with Squat
Holding a weight in each hand, lower into a squat as you swing arms out to the sides and then bring them together in front of you at shoulder height. Return to standing and swing arms out to the sides and down.
Do 12 and follow with 30 front kicks

Sitting tricep extension
Sitting on the floor, knees bent, feet on floor, lean upper body back about 45 degree and hold one weight with both hands. Raise upper body to an upright seated position (as if you’re now leaning against a wall) and raise the weight straight up overhead. Then slowly bend both elbows and bring the weight down behind your head. Hold and then raise weight back up overhead. Then lean back 45 degrees and lower weight to chest.
Do 12 and follow with 20 crunches

Squat thrusts
Start standing up. Lower hands to the floor and kick out legs behind you so you end up in plank position. Then jump feet up to hands and return to standing.
Do 12 and follow with 30 side steps

Walk-out Plank
Start standing. Lower hands to the floor and walk out hands until you’re in plank position with wrists directly under shoulders. Then reverse the move and walk hands back to feet and return to standing. (Try keeping legs as straight as possible throughout the move.)
Do 12 and follow with 20 cross over planks (In plank position, lift right leg over left leg and tap the floor. Return right leg and repeat with left leg.)

Lie on your back, knees bent 90 degrees with shins parallel to the floor. Bring your chin to your chest and lift shoulder blades off the floor. Extend arms to your hips and make small, quick circles.
Do 100 and follow with bridges

Cool Down

March in place for 30 seconds
Cross arms in front of chest and then out to sides for 15
Take 3 deep breaths

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