Filet O Fish Really Isn’t A Healthy Alternative… Despite a Really Big Banner!

$3 for a bag of fried fish. (And only 760 calories). Roughly speaking, this was a banner I noticed flapping in the breeze over a McDonald’s establishment the other day. Granted, they explained it in a slightly more appealing manner: “2 for $3. Filet o Fish Only 760 calories!” (Marketing geniuses really do know how to get butts in the seats… speaking of which, does anyone think the size of the average McDonald’s seat has increased since its inception in 1940? It must have!)

Anyway, so said marketing geniuses lure in health conscious consumer into the nearest McDonald’s with promises of a 760 calorie meal but happen to leave out the fact that there are also fries and a large soda that go with it, thus creating a meal consisting of easily over 1,000 calories. (Most of us know that fries cannot be denied upon entering the McDonald’s empire. The salty goodness pulls you in upon the first scent of deep-fried oil! Mmmmmmmm! BTW, anyone see the YouTube video showing how a McDonald’s Happy Meal didn’t decompose after three years of being “preserved” in nothing more than a paper bag? Interesting stuff there.) People are plopping themselves down in plastic chairs and booths to devourone meal that consists of their tooooooootal daily caloric intake! Where oh where is Jamie Oliver! I would love to see that chap behind the counter at a Mickey D’s trying to talk the overweight consumer out of a filet o fish sandwich and into a home cooked meal of quinoa and beans.

Jamie: Eh brother, you don’t need this filet o fish that’s been rottin’ in that there back fridge for weeks that was fed a diet of corn and feces only to be fried up to cover the fishy flavor is possesses. What you need is a food revolution!

Consumer: But it’s fish, it’s healthy.

Jamie: Not like this brother

Consumer: But it’s only 760 calories. That’s good… right? Deep frying isn’t bad for you either, right?

It just blows my mind that there are a great number of people out there that consider this a healthy alternative to eating fresh food. And who also think that  760 calories in one meal is a bargain; a low-cal meal if you will.

How does one spread the word to the 58 million consumers of such an establishment that this is not a healthy choice even though they gallantly market its supposed goodness on a really big banner? (It’s like the Mets proclaiming a World Series victory this year… ballsy to expect people to believe it!)

Anyway, I guess there is no way to let people know that it’s not a healthy choice other than by saying it… IT’S NOT A HEALTHY CHOICE!

I feel better.

Anne Marie Costanzo is an in-home personal trainer who is expecting her first child any day now! Stay tuned as she plans to begin journaling about her own fitness journey back to her pre-pregnancy weight in the upcoming weeks!

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