Energy Boosting Tips That Had Me Ask, “Really?”

Pig reading a bookIn my little, tiny corner of the blogging world, I like to talk about things that can help motivate people in becoming more physically active. I try to give tips, workouts, ideas, recipes… you know the drill. I want to help someone be able to transform from a sedentary existence to one of being physically active, energized and happy with themselves. I have no idea how close or far I am from the mark, but I figure it’s my way of trying in a real world kind of way; not in an “OMG, you have GOT to try this new fitness class, OMG! It’s wonderful and it will have you GLISTENING and JUMPING for joy once you get through it.” I hate that. Fitness isn’t pretty. It’s sweaty and grueling and there’s huffing and puffing, red faces and sore bodies. It’s real and it’s usually not much fun, but the payoff makes it all worthwhile.

So the other day I came across this article that at first glance sounded rather interesting and useful. Upon reading it however, I was overcome with that icky feeling of too much enthusiasm, too little relevant data and just an overall sense of “OMG… is this for real?”

The article gave 24 energy boosting tips and you can imagine, since it came from one of these beauty/fitness magazines, that the images used in it are of those perky, toothpick-thick girls that you can just imagine shouting out “Girl Power” during each exercise. (No offense if that’s your mantra of choice, just coming from these girls it’s way too annoying!) Anyway, after going through all 24 ways, I just had to pick out the ones that really surprised me and had me crook my head to the side and think, “Really? Someone actually thought of this?”

You let me know if these are something you could see implementing into your fitness routine and I will happily stand corrected in thinking that they’re a little too silly and a little too fluffy!

Top five way to get you some energy! (Really?)

1. Sniff oranges. A Japanese study claims it helps to reduce stress levels in animals. Sooooooo, what? I’m supposed to sit at my desk and when my boss starts asking me all sorts of questions about deadlines and TPS reports I should go ahead and whip out an orange and start sniffing the sweet, stress-reducing rind out of it? Do that and your co-workers are bound to pelt you with oranges in the parking lot.

2. Buy yourself flowers. C’mon… the only time you buy yourself flowers is to get the cute guy in the office thinking that there is some other guy out there who is better looking than him who happens to be interested in you, so he better get a move on it and ask you out before it’s too late. You don’t buy yourself flowers, that’s depressing.

3. (This is my favorite) Wear yellow!!! It’s the color of optimism and joy!!! What if you look terrible in yellow or any other hideously bright color? If it’s not your color, wearing it is only going to make you feel worse. And I’ll betcha one thing for certain, if you wear bright yellow, you are going to stand out in the gym with your b ad, neon self. Wear with caution.

4. Try this exercise: get on your hands and knees… I’m gonna have to stop right there. Do not get on your hands and knees if you’re at work. You’ll have every office boy from the mail room to the corner office talking about you at the water cooler and making a few extra strides past your cube/office/cell every chance they get in hopes of getting a glimpse. There are plenty of other little energy boosting exercises you can do at your desk that don’t require you to get down on all fours… some decorum please!

And finally, the biggest “Really?” of the day…

5. Massage your ear lobes. “Massaging certain parts of the ear can affect different areas of the body and may increase your energy.” I can’t even think of a response for that one. Good luck finding energy there.

So there’s my top five list of “Really?” from an all too perky beauty/fitness magazine that makes fitness look more like a beauty pageant than a grueling sweat session.

Anne Marie Costanzo is a nationally certified personal trainer and owner of Little Black Dress Personal Training. She can be reached at or (914) 841-1121.

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