A Trainer or a Motivator… Which Would You Choose?

exercise cartoonIs hiring a personal trainer your only option when it comes to getting fit?

Of course not. But if left to your own devices, many of you most likely wont get fit. So it stands to reason that some form of help is needed in order for fitness to become a part of your life… right? Right.

But the question is, what is it that you need? Is it a personal trainer who takes the thinking out of exercising, or amotivator who provides awareness, accountability and gets you excited to exercise?

Ideally a personal trainer provides all the above but it’s not always a guarantee. (We’ve all seen those trainers that have their clients hanging upside down, holding a medicine ball and pulling a wagon full of tires across the lawn… or something like that… all the while texting their buddies a YouTube video of a streaker running into a glass wall. Sidebar: have you seen that one? It is hilarious! But I would never send it to someone while I was training you!) I like to think I’m the whole enchilada by providing solid workouts while being fully engaged, supportive and motivating to each client, be it individually or in a group setting. (And I keep my phone securely hidden and silent during sessions 🙂 Clearly not all trainers are like that.)

However, not everyone needs me there counting out reps for them which brings me back to my question. The reason I’m asking is that it dawned on me that maybe people just want the accountability factor and the motivation to get their butts to the gym without having to pay for the full services of a trainer. Is there a more economical way to provide services to those out there who do not want to spend the extra money on a personal trainer?

Think about this: Would you be happy hiring someone who:

• Creates an individualized program for you after an initial consultation

• Helps create a fitness schedule that fits seamlessly into your everyday life

• Provides accountability through weekly check-ins via email or phone

• Reassesses your individualized program every 4 to 6 weeks to measure changes in fitness levels and to determine alterations in the program

• AND, encourages healthy eating by providing tips and advice on making the right food choices.

And all that for less than hiring a trainer to come to your house? I’d consider it.

My question to you is, what do you think? Is having someone you’re going to be accountable to more motivating (and more economical) than having a trainer come to your door?

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