A Poll: Does Fitness Enhance Your Mood?

Unmotivated fitnessSo I’m curious and despite the fact that curiosity killed the cat, I’m pretty sure this has all the makings of a harmless curiosity. The only thing that will hurt is me discovering that many people dislike exercising all together and go to great lengths to avoid it. But I’m curious nonetheless and I’m willing to run the risk of a potential sucker punch to the stomach if I hear a response such as, “Working out? People still do that?” Me, floor, writhing in pain. You get the picture.


So I would like to take a poll and I’m very excited about this, this is totally going to supercharge the fun in today’s blog! (I really do geek out when it comes to fitness.) Finally I can creep into the minds of the masses and understand the inner-brain workings of all my loyal readers (which I guess would be my mom and sisters… thanks for always reading you guys), and determine how exercise is perceived and judged, hated and/or loved! (I’m pretty sure you all can’t stand exercise and would love not to have to do it, but I’m going to poll you all anyway because it’s fun!)

So my first poll as Poll Master is…

Do Your Workouts Affect Your Mood?

1. You bet your bippie they do! I feel fantastic and have so much energy afterwards.

2. No change except I don’t feel guilty eating a brownie now.

3. Working out? People still do that? (Remember, this one is a total blow to my belly so be cautious!)

(Hopefully I get a boatload of responses since I’m already enjoying my self-titled position as Poll Master.)

If any of these sound like you, let me know below in the comments section. This is a great way for me to gauge how many of you view working out. It’s either enjoyable and worthwhile, thus uplifting your mood, or it’s a total burden with no obvious benefits, turning you into an even crabbier version of yourself. (And for all those who aren’t working out at all, my first duty as Poll Master is to ban you from participating in any and all future polling—as you see, the power of Poll Master has gone completely to my head!)

Honestly, I would love to hear from all fitness fiends and fitness avoiders, this way if I’m noticing a not-so favorable mind-set towards exercise, I can offer advice and tips on how to make your sessions more effective so you can truly reap the benefits, and feel good about it. Regardless of how much time you can spare for exercise, be it 10 minutes or an hour, I can help you to get out of your fitness rut and into a state of euphoric fitness bliss.

For those who are enjoying and reaping all the happy benefits of working out, then keep up the good work, that’s music to my personal training ears!

And if no one responds, well then the mighty Poll Master will reluctantly come down from her throne and return to being the humbled personal trainer who loves to write about working out and small parking spots. (Or French books, flabby arm fixes, 15 minute workouts and the like.)

Happy polling!

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