10 Ways to Fit Fitness Into Your Morning

Girl rinsing hairThat’s right, from now on if you’re drying your hair or making your kid’s lunches, you can also be working out. (Perfect right? I know what you’re thinking, “What the hell? Isn’t any excuse sacred anymore?” Um.. nope.)

Let’s say a typical morning is getting in the shower, drying your hair, putting on make-up and feeding the kids. (I have no kids but I’m pretty sure they’re the ones who make working out almost impossible to fit into a day. Darn kids. But I’m sure they’re super cute.)


So this whole morning endeavor could take anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes. (I’m on the long end here while my low, oh so super low-maintenance sisters are on the 5 minute side—they don’t even blow dry their hair or wear make-up. We’re still trying to figure out where I came from—my brother used to say they found me in the sewer but he’s since given up on that ruse since my mom told him to!)

(Did I really just write all that?)

Moving on, so if you’re high maintenance like me or oh so super low-maintenance, there is a way for us all to fit in a good 10 minutes of fitness without hitting the gym or making a break from our usual morning routines.

Here is my top ten list and please, feel free to use them as stated or adjust them to fit more easily into your day… it’s your 10 minutes, make ’em count!

1- Washing my hair static lunges (which are actually safer to perform if you have one of those sticky bottom things that help to prevent you from slipping in the tub). Try performing 20 on one leg when applying the shampoo and then another 20 on the opposite leg when rinsing out the shampoo. (Repeat if desired.)

2 – Reaching for the soap twist. With the hand farthest away from the soap dish, reach across and around your body to get the soap, thus twisting your torso towards the soap dish. Wash 1/2 of your body this way, then turn around and clean the other half.

3- Shaving my legs balancing act. Instead of placing the leg that’s to be shaved on the lip of the tub, hold it in the air while shaving and balancing your body weight on the opposite foot. Then switch legs.

4 – Drying my triceps by doing dips off the side of the tub. Perform three sets of 10 repetitions of dips, thus increasing blood flow (and inadvertently increasing your body temperature) to your triceps allowing them to dry quicker while working them out.

5 – Drying my hair squats. This move is optional since not everyone dries their hair. So here is where a little creativity comes into play. It can be Fill in the blank squats.

6 – Tippy toes make-up application (aka calf raises). While putting on your make-up, rise up on the balls of your toes then slowly lower. (Be careful when you get to the eyeliner.) And again, in case there are those who don’t wear make-up, this can also be a Fill in the blank calf raises.

7- Pouring and drinking of the coffee side leg sweep. (Balance is of utmost importance here. We don’t want any burning or spillage here.) As you pour your coffee, sweep your left leg up and to the left side and then bring back, sweeping behind your right leg. (Keep this up when adding cream/milk/sugar/ovaltine/whatever you fancy. Then as you sip, sweep with the right leg.

8 – Making the kid’s lunches knee raises. Get the kids in on it too, it’s all about family fun in the mornings, no?

9 – 30 jumping jacks. (What? Just do it.)

10 – Cleaning the breakfast mess your kids made arm swirls. Think wax on, wax off. 10 with the right hand, then 10 with the left hand. Or do a combination, Ralph Macchio style. (And if you don’t have kids, I’m pretty sure your husband may have left a mess to clean!)

And finally the hug your kids, pat your hubby on the bum, kiss ’em all goodbye, catch the train/bus/carpool shuffle.

And there you have it, ten moves done for 60 seconds at a time and all before you’ve even left your house in the morning. You’ve completed one-third of the daily recommended 30-minute servings of exercise we should all be getting every day.

Now just imagine what you could do at your desk to get in the other two-thirds!

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