Puerto Rican Magic: Bacalaitos – Codfish Fritters

When one thinks of warm, lazy days on a beach, the Caribbean often come to mind. The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, a US territory, is a small cluster of islands among a... Read more »

Our Melting Pot: Aunty Shahnaz’s Parathas 

Food has always been a great equalizer. Sharing food and exchanging recipes have always proven to expand horizons and narrow divides. Being born in India, I was acutely aware of the epic India-Pakistan divide;... Read more »

Connecting Kids and Cultures through Cuisines

For someone who always has to spell out her name when I meet someone new, cultural competency is something that is ingrained in my psyche and is something that some of us... Read more »

What’s Cookin: An Unbeatable Recipe for the Best Comfort Food

Southern hospitality is legendary in itself; however, I cannot help but marvel at the amiability and warmth I am engulfed in when I meet a Southerner.  My friend, Mary Case Friedner, a born and... Read more »

What’s Cookin: Choco-Love 

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we can anticipate a day filled with giving and eating chocolate. There is much confusion about the origin of Valentine’s Day and about St. Valentine, but how did this day of expressing... Read more »

Christmas in Germany with Ausstecherle – Cut-Out Cookies

I have always yearned to visit Germany in December to experience the famous Christmas markets, having heard so much about them from my dear friend Diane. The Christmas markets start with the... Read more »

Get Warm and Toasty with Roasted Acorn Squash, Midwestern-Style 

WHAT’S COOKING IN OUR MELTING POT With colder days upon us, what’s more welcoming than the comforting aromas of cinnamon blended with melted butter over roasted seasonal vegetables, wafting from our ovens, lifting our spirits?    Debby Zuk is a... Read more »

Recipes from Our Diverse Community: Peruse this Recipe to Cook Up Ceviche, Peru’s National Dish  

What better way to savor the memories of a summer that zoomed by, whilst we coped with a new normal, than to make ceviche. The national dish of Peru is a signature symphony of raw fish... Read more »

Recipes from Our Diverse Community: Kleftiko Recipe for Repast with Storied Greek Past

The benefits of a Mediterranean diet in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and improving general well–being are well documented.    With fresh whole foods as the centerpiece, the Mediterranean is mainly a plant-based diet with moderate consumption of poultry... Read more »

Recipes from Our Diverse Community: Easy Mushroom and Onion Randai/Sabzi 

With the benefits of turning vegetarian or following a plant-based diet being extolled so much in the news these days, it has never been easier to turn to good old Indian recipes passed on through the... Read more »