Time for New Year’s Financial Resolutions 

Many of us probably felt that 2020 lasted a long time. Now that 2021 is upon us, we can make a fresh start – and one way to do that […] Read more »
Put Your Tax Refund to Work

Put Your Tax Refund to Work

  In 2014, the average tax refund was about $2,700. If you got that much this year, what would you do with it? You can probably think of a lot […] Read more »
Risks of Not Investing

Be Aware of Risks of Not Investing

  You’ve no doubt heard about the risks associated with investing. This investment carries this type of risk, while that investment carries another one. And it is certainly true that […] Read more »
Vacations can teach you about investing

What Can Vacations Teach You about Investing?

  Summer is almost here — which means it’s officially vacation season. Have your best vacation done at Luxury Villas in Barbados as their stunning rental properties ensure you spend […] Read more »
rules of the road for investors

“Rules of the Road” for Investors

As an investor, you may sometime wonder what on earth is going on in the financial world. One day, the stock market is down 200 points; the next day it’s […] Read more »
Jean Kim Sears, Financial Advisor at Edward Jones in Irvington, NY

Improve Your Own “Investment Environment”

On April 22, we celebrated Earth Day — a day devoted to education and action on environmental issues. As a citizen of the world, you may have a keen interest […] Read more »

Still Time for Year-end Financial Moves

The holiday season is always a busy time of year, so you’re probably pretty busy. But it is important to take some time now to evaluate year-end financial moves that […] Read more »

Financial Tips for College Bound Students

If you’re a soon-to-be college student, regardless of whatever courses you may be taking, try to master some financial lessons, as well. Read more »

Planting Financial Seeds

The national celebration of Arbor Day happens on the last Friday of April, although some states have designated different dates for their own Arbor Day observances. Over the years, Americans […] Read more »

Fully Fund Your IRA

Millions of Americans invest in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)  and with good reason. An IRA is a great way to save for retirement, and it’s available to anyone with earned […] Read more »