Alexia Boumis

Senior Side ~ Congratulations

Sleepy Hollow senior Alexia Boumis could not be more content. In the midst of enjoying her final year of high school, she has already received honorable mention throughout the community. […] Read more »
David Benedict

“The Legend’s” Own Legend David Benedict, Sr. to Receive Recognition

“I had Mr. Benedict.” This bold statement was delivered by the mother of a middle school friend of mine as we discussed her daughter’s list of seventh grade teachers. It […] Read more »
Aln Alterbaum, Sleepy Hollow High School Assistant Principal

Alan Alterbaum—A Look Behind the Legacy

“Come in, come in…,” Alan Alterbaum gestured as I entered his office, the door of which was already completely open, containing a handful of students who were crouching over desks, […] Read more »

“Footloose” Turning Loose at Sleepy Hollow High School

Sleepy Hollow High School’s annual musical production is again underway, as local students spend countless hours after school focusing on the show-in-the-making. This year, the show is none other than […] Read more »

Sleepy Hollow’s Haunted Hayride Rides Again, New Productions; Same Old Hay – (A Student’s Perspective)

Sleepy Hollow’s annual haunted hayride, which has practically been around for as long as the legend itself, put on a new twist this year. The event took place on October […] Read more »

For a Day in May

I thank you first off For how you nurtured me from the start, And how you gave me life, Wishing me happiness and health with all your heart. I thank […] Read more »

What Used to Be…

You can’t sleep tonight. Neither can I. You bolt upright in bed, Staring into the dark with your paranoid eye. What are you thinking? If only I could understand. Read more »