From Fixing Cars to Building Infrastructure: How Massaro Park Got Its Name

Image by Felicia Barber

Residents of Greenburgh’s Village of Elmsford are very familiar with Massaro Park located  on 50 Cabot Avenue,  which is known for its: swimming pool, baseball field, basketball courts,  tennis court and beautiful picnic area. However not many know how this lovely park got its name. Here is that story.

The land the park now occupies was empty from 1888-1962 when the park was established. It was named for former councilman Patsy Massaro.

Patsy was the councilman’s nickname; his birth-name was Pasquale which he later anglicized to Patrick. Pasquale/Patrick Massaro was born in 1908 in New Rochelle. As recorded in his marriage certificate, Patsy’s father was an Italian immigrant, Dominick Massaro, and his mother was a Swiss immigrant, Lena Herberdier. A newspaper from October 12, 1951 records he moved to Elmsford in 1926. His marriage certificate also confirms that, once there, he worked as a self-employed mechanic. The name of his garage was Massaro’s Service Station; it was located on 68 East Main Street Elmsford, If you would like to learn more the here is a great post to read.

In 1951, he was first elected to the Greenburgh Town Board. Massaro, the life -long republican, narrowly defeated the democratic incumbent. At that time, he was the first councilman from Elmsford in 36 years. He served in this position until 1964. During his thirteen years on the board, he was instrumental in the planning and construction of a new Town Hall, The Water Pumping Station, and the Police Headquarters.

Massaro died in 1978.

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