You Can Avoid Spinal Surgery – Try These Post-Injury Exercises


When an accident causes injuries to the spine, the results can be devastating. Sometimes it can mean suffering paralysis that can be temporally or permanent according to the severity of the injury.

There are several ways to treat spinal cord-related problems, surgery being one of them. But before surgery is performed on one of the most sensitive parts of your body, it is best to exhaust other options first. You may start by visiting a functional medicine clinic to look for alternative treatments.

This guide highlights some post-spinal cord injury exercises that you can try to improve your healing process and avoid surgery.

Get Help Accessing Compensation

Spinal cord injuries can result in hefty medical bills that can have a huge toll on you, not to mention the physiological pain that comes with suffering debilitating injuries. If you are not well psychologically, your recovery times will also be compromised. So, you want to be sure that you take care of everything that could weigh you down.

Most spinal cord injuries are car accident-related. If your injuries result from a car accident caused by another person’s negligence, you may be eligible to recover compensation through an injury claim or lawsuit. But you may need to work with a lawyer with expertise in car accidents like Abels & Annes’ car accident lawyers to better your chances of fair compensation. If you sustained the injury while working, you may also need a workers compensation lawyer to help you seek workers compensation.

Post-Injury Exercise to Try

Get Your Muscles Moving

Moving around may be the last thing you want to do when you are in debilitating pain, such as the one that comes with spinal cord injuries. However, some pain may be necessary if the result is a speedy recovery and avoiding the cut.

Exercising helps alleviate muscle tension and triggers the brain to release endorphins, a body’s built-in pain reliever. You do not have to go hard on yourself on the exercises. Doing so can make the situation worse for you. Instead, do simple exercises such as short walks, water aerobics, swimming, and other exercises that will not cause overexertion.

Improve Posture

Poor posture is known to cause back pain even when you don’t have an injury. After an injury, posture becomes even more critical and one of the areas you will need to pay special attention to after an injury to the spine.

Some exercises that have been shown to help improve posture when recovering from a spine injury include yoga, Tai chi, walking, and swimming. Also, you need to pay attention to how and where you sit. You may want to invest in an orthopedic chair to enhance the best sitting posture for back injuries.

Spine Manipulation

Spine manipulation, also called chiropractic manipulation, involves using hands to massage, manipulate, and adjust the spine. Studies have shown that spinal manipulation helps resolve problems resulting from spine injuries.

However, chiropractic manipulation is not for everyone. If you have osteoporosis or arthritis, this option may not be for you.

Also, asking your doctor before trying spine manipulation is important because some types of injuries can get worse with manipulation. Finally, ensure that the person performing spinal manipulation on you is trained and licensed.

Lifestyle Modifications

While not an exercise, lifestyle modification can directly affect how fast you recover. The first step in lifestyle modification is acceptance. Accept that your life has changed due to your injuries and understand that you will have limitations.

While exercising is good for your healing, you cannot continue doing the exercises you did before your injury. The best approach is to listen to your body.

When it says stop, please don’t push it. Instead, take note of activities that worsen your condition and avoid them. Also, never attempt anything unless your doctor gives the green light. If you have questions on how you can best manage your condition, visit sites like to learn more.

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