Preventive Measures You Can Take To Keep Your Home Germ Free In 2022


The previous year has seen things worsen as the number of germs resistant to drugs has increased. In the same year, the COVID-19 pandemic and has continued to ravage nations. We all want to keep our homes clean and germ-free in 2022, and that’s why we should be taking preventive measures now to avoid the spread of illness when it becomes more difficult. This article will teach you how to take care of your home for you and other members to stay healthy for years to come. Here is the list.

Get a Shoe Sanitizer

Shoes are a breeding ground for germs. You can easily pick up bacteria from the road and then carry it inside your home. To avoid this, get a shoe sanitizer. You can get for your home a sole sanitizer that disinfects your shoes while killing the germs. It is a non-toxic and eco-friendly product mostly recommended for homes with huge traffic.

With a shoe sanitizer, you get to kill the germs that have been isolated from your feet and shoes. In this way, you keep them away from your family members who may be more vulnerable such as toddlers or senior citizens with weakened immune systems. Ensure to get one from a reputable store to ensure that it can do its job effectively.

Get a UV Sanitizer for your Home

UV sanitizers are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as one of the most effective ways to kill germs in your home, especially in this coronavirus era. They come in different sizes, so you can get one that will fit your home.

UV sanitizers use ultraviolet light to kill germs and bacteria in the air and on surfaces. They are perfect for small spaces and can be used to clean areas that are difficult to reach with other disinfectants such as keyboards, telephones, doorknobs, remotes, or any other surface that comes into contact with your hands often. They are also a great way to keep your family safe from germs and bacteria that may cause respiratory problems, skin irritation, or diarrhea.

Use Microfiber Cloths


According to ATX Soft Wash in Austin TX microfiber cloths are great for cleaning surfaces as they attract dirt, dust, and other particles. You can use them on all kinds of surfaces, including glass, mirrors, and stainless steel, without leaving any streaks or residue behind. You can also use them to clean your floors as they can pick up pet hair, dust, and dirt.

Microfiber cloths are a great way to keep your home clean without harsh chemicals. They are also machine-washable and reusable so that you can save money in the long run. Just make sure that you hang them to dry after washing them, or else they will get moldy. While mold testing is one of the most frequently asked questions we get, we prefer to send our customers to Signal Hygiene to have all their mold issues resolved.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner on Your Carpet and Upholstery

You should vacuum your carpets at least once per week, preferably before the weekend when you have time to clean thoroughly. Also, make sure that you use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration if possible, as it can trap more dirt and dust than a regular vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, you can hire professional carpet cleaners to deep clean your carpets.

You may have been told about this when getting your carpet installation or when doing the research before deciding on it, that vacuuming your carpets and upholstery also helps remove allergens such as pet hair, dust mites, and pollen. This can help improve your breathing and reduce the number of asthma attacks you may experience. It is also a great way to eliminate any bacteria or viruses that may be hiding in your carpets and upholstery. The carpet cleaners near me did such a great job at cleaning all the carpets in my home.

Use a Steam Mop on Your Floors

Steam mops are great for cleaning floors as they use hot water to dislodge dirt, dust, and other particles from the surface. They are perfect for vinyl, laminate floors, and tile and grout cleaning, and can also be used on carpets to clean any trapped dirt. Make sure to get drying carpet services when your carpet gets wet. If you have water damage, it is best to act fast and call a local damage restoration company. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will get. Water will seep into cracks and crevices, causing more damage. Mold can begin to grow, which can cause health problems. Don’t wait, call a professional today.

Steam mops are a great way to keep your floors germ-free as they can kill up to 99% of germs and bacteria found in the home compared with only 50% for regular floor cleaners. The steam also kills dust mites, a common source of allergies among many people. Just make sure that you use distilled water in your steam mop to prevent the build-up of mineral deposits on your flooring.

Get a Germicidal Lamp for Your Home

Germicidal lamps are perfect for killing germs and bacteria in the air and surfaces. They use ultraviolet light to kill germs and bacteria and can be used in small spaces. The lamps are a great way to keep your home clean without harsh chemicals or other disinfectants.

Ensure to get one from a reputable store so you can be sure that it works effectively and safely for your family members, especially children who may touch the lamp out of curiosity while playing around the house during weekends.

There are many ways that you can keep your home germ-free in 2022. By using the tips provided in this article, you can easily reduce the number of germs and bacteria in your home and protect your family from potential health problems. So, make sure to try out some of these methods and see which ones work best for you and your family.


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