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Around the House with Kitty Burruss River JournalAfter reading my article on Feng Shui in the last issue of the River Journal, I will assume that you’ve devoted the last few weeks to de-cluttering and are now anxiously awaiting your next instructions in applying Feng Shui to your home – right?  Since you are all ready to begin, let’s get out that Bagua and get started!  (There’s another bagua printed below just in case you lost the first one in the midst of all that de-cluttering.)

To my mind, the areas of Fame & Reputation, Career, and Wealth are all closely related.  Whether you’re known within your company as a top salesman or are recognized as the best dentist in town, the greater your Fame or Reputation, the greater your business opportunities tend to be.  A good Reputation makes you much more likely to move up within your company or attract more customers to your business, giving a boost to your Career. Improvements in your Career should lead to more Wealth.  With increased Wealth, you have more capital to invest back into your career — whether it’s obtaining another degree, moving your business to a better location, or hiring a new employee – which should ultimately improve your Reputation.  And so the cycle continues.

While hard work and skill are obviously the most critical components in building your reputation, career, and wealth, I don’t know anyone who isn’t open to a little extra help in these categories.  Hence, I’ll focus on applying some practical Feng Shui cures, which may be part of one of the strategies for wealth creation, to these three areas of your home.  (Note: You can also apply these measures to your office.)

Fame & Reputation

The Fame & Reputation area of your home is straight ahead of you when you enter the house.  This is the space to display anything that demonstrates your accomplishments.  Hanging your diplomas, an award, or even a framed letter from a satisfied customer in this area can all have a positive effect.  Make sure this area is clear of anything with which you do not want to be associated; this is not the place for your dirty clothes hamper or any photos of you with a hairstyle from the 80’s.

Another great Feng Shui cure is to place a physical symbol of a personal goal in this area of your home or office.   Frame the mission statement of the charity you plan to help, or make up a business card for the company you want to start and put it prominently on display in this space.  The Fame area is associated with fire and the color red, so try adding candles and a few red decorative touches as well.  There’s no need to go overboard and bring in items that don’t match the rest of your decor; try framing your business card in a small red frame.  Remember, it’s critical that each symbol have personal meaning for you and feel “right” in your space.

Wealth & Good Fortune

Your area of Wealth & Good Fortune lies in the back left corner of your home.  There is much written about this area of the Bagua, since so many people are interested in improving their wealth.  However, this area is not solely related to your bank account; it’s more closely related to the idea of abundance in general.  Keep this in mind when introducing cures to this room in your home, and be open to all opportunities.

Moving water is a commonly used element in the Wealth area; you’ll often notice small aquariums near the cash register in Asian restaurants for this very reason.  While a toilet in this sector of your house can spell disaster (your money being flushed away!), a small fountain or water feature is believed to keep your finances from growing stagnant or drying up. If your dream is to add a beautiful cascading fountain to your outdoor space, Outdoor Fountain Pros has great options. If a fountain isn’t quite your style, try a piece of water-themed artwork.  A framed photo or painting of a flowing river can introduce the water element without the extra work of maintaining a live water feature.

The colors green, gold, and purple are all associated with this area.  A lush, green round-leaf plant in a purple pot is an easy, attractive addition to this space.  Keep your checkbook here and cover it in a luxurious, purple fabric binder.  Each evening, empty your loose change into a green bowl in this corner.  Gemstones are also considered auspicious; try displaying a chunk of amethyst for a glamorous cure.  The key to activating the energy in this area is to introduce items that provide you with a sense of abundance.


Your Career area is centered around the entrance to your home.  A welcoming foyer or front hall is a critical component to welcoming you home each evening, so it’s a great space to keep fresh and full of positive energy.  Feng Shui stresses the importance of making sure your front door opens fully and easily, that there are no obstructions preventing positive chi (energy) from entering your home.

Several cures are thought to stimulate positive change in your Career area.  Hang a set of wind chimes near your front door to attract new opportunities.  This area is associated with the colors blue and black, so try painting a feature wall your favorite shade of blue and bring in a piece of black furniture.  Make sure your entryway and front hall are well-lit and try hanging a large, round metal-framed mirror in this space to amplify positive energy.  Moving water is considered a good element to have in this space as well; so try a small water feature to help keep your career flowing forward.

Mistakes to Avoid

As you begin implementing these changes in your home, be sure to focus on one area at a time.  Incorporating too many cures at once can make it difficult to properly focus on your specific goals and any impacts you may feel in your life as a result.  Be sure that you clear away clutter and repair any broken items in a space before you introduce a cure; otherwise that new mirror or crystal frame will just amplify any existing negative energy.   Each cure should feel personal and “right” to you; there is no need to paint your entire Wealth corner purple if an elegant lavender vase suits your décor better.   Most important, be sure that you place each cure with a clear focus on your goal and that you keep your mind open to possibilities.

[blockquote class=blue]Kitty Burruss is an interior designer in Briarcliff Manor.  She currently works for Barbara Sternau Interior Design. 914-631-1875  For more Feng Shui tips, visit[/blockquote]

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