How To Brighten Up Your Home in 5 Unique Ways

A common challenge when designing a room is brightening up a dark space. Major renovations are certainly one way to tackle this challenge. For instance, adding new windows and knocking down walls will guarantee that more light can flood into a room, helping to brighten up a dark space. If you’re planning to install a new window, you can use a residential window replacement cost calculator to estimate your expenses.

There are various tricks that many professional interior designers use to add light through design details. Layering in accessories, changing the interior painting of the walls and ceiling to changing the position of furniture, here is a selection of ways to help you let more light into your space.

Warming A Room Like The Sun

The Power of Mirrors (Photo: Spacejoy)

A common trick that is frequently used by many designers looking to make a dark room feel brighter, is by filling it with colors of the sun. Featuring yellows, oranges and reds, these sunny hues can brighten up space and can warm what was once a dark, drab room.

According to the mighty Lifetime Exteriors If you do decide to warm a space up with these bright colors, be careful when decorating the room. Try to avoid cluttering it with brown furniture to ensure that the overall scheme does not become overpowering.

Alternatively, light-colored walls can also help to create the illusion of a bigger space. The light that comes in through the windows, reflects off of the walls and makes the room appear larger.

Illuminate The Room

Photo: Simon Noh

In the past few years, there has been a surge in homeowners investing in neon signs for their homes. Many chose to have an object, like a martini glass to hang above their bar cart, others may go for an item like a palm tree to feature on their bookshelves. Some chose to have their favorite lyric, book quote or life mantra shining bright in a room in their home. Regardless of choice, neon signs are a great way to inject light, and color, into space in a unique and fun way.

If you struggle to find a sign that you like, custom neon signs are an option to consider. Businesses like Echo Neon are an excellent choice if you are wanting to have the perfect neon sign for a space in your home. In addition to this, custom neon signs are personal to you and can make great art pieces for the home, as well as a unique talking point for guests.

Additionally, look for different types of under cabinet lights and choose one that can transform your kitchen space with a subtle glow.

Clear The Windows

Similar to wearing glasses with smudges, stained windows can feel dirty and limit visibility to a room. Purchase a strong glass cleaning product and clean both the inside and outside of your windows. Aside from enjoying the freshness that comes with cleaning the windows, you will be amazed by how much natural light now beams into the room.

Natural light is known for helping to make space feel bigger than it is. However, it can add complex and dynamic ambience to space as well, especially as the day gradually transitions from day to evening. Cleaning the windows is a cost-effective and efficient way to transform a space, without undergoing extensive renovation work.

Limit The Wall Art

Decorative accessories, like art pieces, can easily be overdone. If a room struggles with light, the walls should be as empty as possible to allow light to be reflected. Whilst walls that are covered in art pieces or photographs might look nice, they can impede any efforts you make to brighten up space. If you have a dimly lit room, consider selecting no more than three pieces of wall décor. Whether it be a mirror, wall hanging or tapestry or even lightly toned wall art to set the mood for space, avoid trying to fill the walls with too many elements. Visit Uniquely Coastal for a coastal theme you have in mind. If you have old photos you want to display, make sure to restore it first digitally. Visit sites like to help you scan old photos.

Power Of Mirrors

A piece of advice that has been shared for decades but still reigns true today, mirrors can expand visual space and brighten a dark room. To use mirrors to their fullest potential, ensure that they are strategically placed near a light source. If you have a giant wall or floor mirror near a window, it can amplify natural lighting into space. It will not only help to naturally brighten up space, but it will also create the illusion that space is bigger than it is – an additional bonus.

Placing either table lamps or floor lamps close to a mirror will also have the same effect. To achieve the best results possible, use lamps that provide ambient lighting to ensure that the light is not too bright when reflected off of the mirror.

Learning how to brighten up a dark space can be a creative and fun challenge for any homeowner to try to tackle. Fortunately for your bank account, most home updates to create a brighter space does not have to be costly. Painting the walls, a bright color and adding lighting fixtures or changing the blinds are all affordable ways to create the illusions of a brighter, bigger space.

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