A Mother Lode of Snow – What it Cost to Date

Snowman in TarrytownThe massive snowstorm, which garnered blizzard status in late February, exacted a price for many residents in Irvington, Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow and beyond. Loss of power caused by downed electrical lines left many in the dark for two, three and four days. Motorists who will get stranded due to snow may need to contact a local towing company for emergency towing services. For the Departments of Public Works (DPW) snow removal meant overtime (with the exception of Sleepy Hollow), for workers plowing roads, spreading salt and removing fallen tree limbs throughout the Villages.

The Village of Sleepy Hollow had allotted $152,000 in its budget for snow removal and snow related services. Of that amount $42,000 had been earmarked for overtime pay, $10,000 for small equipment parts and supplies, and $100,000 for sand and salt. Speaking with Village Administrator Anthony Giaccio on Thursday, March 4, he cited that Sleepy Hollow still had $25,657 remaining in its fund and that the Village did not have any crews working over the weekend of February 27, which would have incurred overtime pay.

That same weekend in Tarrytown, DPW crews were seen throughout the Village plowing, creating large, high piles of snow, using front-end loaders along with dump trucks and creating a mountain of snow in one of the parking lots adjacent to the Washington Irving Boat Club. Michael Blau, Tarrytown’s Village Administrator, stated that the Village had budgeted $156,500 for snow removal and snow-related services. Of that amount $50,000 had been allotted for personnel services and overtime, $6,000 for equipment repair, and $100,000 for materials and supplies. As of Thursday, March 4 Tarrytown had actually spent $203,364, with overtime and a large increase in equipment repair accounting for overage.

Snow pile in TarrytownIrvington’s Administrator, Larry Schopfer, reported that his Village had budgeted $145,000 for snow-related services which included $75,000 for salt, $60,000 for overtime labor, $5,000 for equipment, and $5,000 for equipment repair. As of Thursday, March 11 Irvington had spent a total of $102,000. Whereas overtime and materials (salt) were well below budget, street debris cleanup and removal along with damage to municipal property had cost the Village a total of $50,500.

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