Todd Kindergartners Learn about Fire Safety

Todd students armide Engine 94

Todd Kindergartners recently had the opportunity to look at a fire truck and to learn fire safety skills at a presentation from the Briarcliff Manor Fire Department.

Volunteer firefighters presented age-appropriate guidelines on what to do in case there is a fire in the house, especially if it occurs in the middle of the night. Firefighters would also like to remind homeowners and building managers to have a fire alarm system installation and implement fire safety precautions. And in case your property gets damaged by a fire, a fire deodorization should be a part of the restoration service to protect your family’s health.

“It is very important that you get out and meet your family outside,” said Second Assistant Chief Mike Molinelli. “Use your outside voice and call out to your family. If there is smoke in the house, crawl on the floor. We call that ‘get low and go.’”

Mr. Molinelli and the volunteer firefighters, along with the students, practiced crawling on the ground. The firefighters also dressed in their gear and face masks to show the students what they will look like when they come to their house in case of a fire.

“Don’t be afraid if you see us in this gear and don’t be afraid if you hear sirens – those are happy noises. It means we are coming to help.”

According to Mr. Molinelli, if there is a fire in the house and getting out of the room is impossible, getting out of a window is a good option if it can be done safely.

“Don’t hide in the closet or under your bed,” he told the students.

One of the students said she has a little sister, but she doesn’t want to wake her up.

“If there is fire we change all the rules so you have to wake everybody up,” Mr. Molinelli said.

Another student said that she has an indoor cat who doesn’t like to go outside.

“From my experience, pets know how to get out on their own, they don’t need your help – they will find a way,” Mr. Molinelli said. “After all the people get out you can tell the firefighters about any pets in the house.”

Students also learned what to do if their clothes catch on fire.

“You are going to stop, drop and roll,” Mr. Molinelli said, as he got down on the ground and demonstrated for the students, who followed suit and rolled on the ground together.

After the presentations, students had the opportunity to learn about fire alarm systems as well as examine a fire truck and all its features from up close.

“This was cool!” a student named Benjamin said. “I liked the power tools.”

First and second graders will learn about fire safety late in the week.

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