Tarrytown / Sleepy Hollow School Budget Adopted

The Board of Education for the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns formally adopted the proposed budget for the upcoming 2010-2011 school year at a public meeting on April 15. The budget, which now moves on to the voters for approval on May 18, will result in an estimated tax levy increase of 3.87%. Actual expenditures in the budget have been cut, and the increase in taxes is due to a combination of increased debt service owned by the District, and the need to make up for reduced revenue. Because of different equalization rates between the towns of Greenburg and Mount Pleasant (something over which the School District has no control), Tarrytown taxes will only rise 0.10%, while Sleepy Hollow residents will face a 6.62% increase.

As has been forecast for some time, Tappan Hill School will be closed, shifting Kindergarten and Pre-K to John Paulding, 1st Grade to Morse, and 3rd Grade to Washington Irving. Because of this change, one other item will be on the ballot on May 18, as voters will need to approve adjusting the allowable walking distance for 3rd graders from .3 miles to .5 miles.

The other major change made to bring the budget down was cutting 10% from sports and extra-curricular programs. Rather than cut any particular sport or program however, the District will attempt to create the savings by requesting a voluntary contribution in the range of $15 at the start of the year from students participating in any extra-curricular activities, and in the range of $25 or less per season for students participating in sports.

Cast your vote on May 18 at Morse and Washington Irving Schools. Make your voice heard.

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