Popular Sleepy Hollow Student Science Research Program Seeks Mentors  

Sleepy Hollow High School Science Research Student Phoebe Neilsen studies the effects of different spices on the metabolism of fruit flies.

Science Research students at Sleepy Hollow High School seek local mentors to elevate their work to a higher level.  

Phoebe Neilsen is studying the effects of different spices on the metabolism of fruit flies in order to learn more about diseases affecting humans. 

The rising junior (over the summer) utilizes a mini-lab at SHHS funded by Science for Society and the Foundation for the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns. The expansion of her project is hindered by the lack of a local mentor. Currently, she collaborates remotely with a professor from Vitalin Research Institute in Colorado.   

Many of the Science Research students and approximately 35 new students entering the program this fall need mentors who would provide guidance and, in some cases, offer facilities to students. 

 “The continued success of the program depends upon the community sharing their talents and expertise with the students,” remarked Science Research Co-Director Michele Zielinski.  

Students involved in the Science Research Program develop a research plan in sophomore year and put the plan into action over their final two years at SHHS.  

The student-researchers present their findings at regional and national competitions with hundreds of other students. In March, seven SHHS students received awards and six students placed in their categories at The Westchester Science & Engineering Fair (WESEF). Senior Molly Brennan secured a spot at the International Genius Olympiad.   

Zielinski and fellow co-director David Erenberg meet with program participants in a traditional classroom setting as well as one-on-one. The mentors provide the extra support in person or remotely through FaceTime and Skype. 

For more information about the Science Research Program, or how you could become a mentor, please contact Michele Zielinski, mzieliniski@tufsd.org, or David Erenberg at derenberg@tufsd.org.

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