Pocantico Eighth-Graders Design Innovative Solutions to Life’s Problems

(L-R) Liam Ward, Josiah Dickerson and Arthur Carmichael display their Porta Fan invention completed in the Innovation and Design class.

Pocantico Hills School eighth-graders identified challenges in life and developed potential solutions in this year’s Innovation & Design class.

School Superintendent Carol Conklin-Spillane (who retired on June 30) said, “You have demonstrated that you are actual creative problem-solvers, that you do more than talk about something, that you can wrestle with an idea, get ugly and see it through to fruition.”

Peter Altieri and David Ford received the David Rockefeller Innovation and Design Award in technology for Game Track3r, an app that tracks athletes during practice to help athletes and coaches analyze their performance.

“Coaches have a limited view of the field,” said Altieri. “This allows them to get a bird’s eye view of everything.”

Other students receiving awardsinclude: Jordyn Ewing, the ingenuity award for designing a phone safe for people to keep cell phones in while driving; Dayla Rock and Saydee Star, a health award for their Brite Blind Nite prototype, a cane with a light on the bottom so drivers see blind people walking at night; and Mia Townes and Dylan Zednik, a humanitarian award for “Meals in Action,” a vending machine that homeless people access with a card.

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