Picasso People Foster Art Appreciation at W.L. Morse

Picasso People created an experience to bring art to students at W.L. Morse.

Students at W.L. Morse appreciated art in an entirely new way when Picasso People visited on January 25. The group provides an Arts in Education experience by developing an appreciation for the visual arts in combination with dance, music, and live theater.

Second-graders in Jeannette Dietz’s art class have been studying Picasso and creating their own works of art mimicking his style.

Carlton Van Pyrz, an accomplished mime, assumed the role of Picasso for the students. He wore masks and piled building blocks that represented famous pieces by Picasso.

Van Pyrz, who crafted the show after attending a Picasso exhibit, said, “I want students to gain an appreciation for live theater and art through these performances. I love when I can inspire students.”

Second-grader Luz Martinez-Tejada joined Van Pyrz on stage with other students and said, “I love art. I get to paint and do new things.”

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