Ossining Middle School Students Spread Kindness during Pandemic

Anne M. Dorner Middle School’s Kindness Club recently recognized three students for helping others and spreading kindness during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The AMD Kindness Club, which sponsored the Cupcake Challenge, delivered cupcakes and award certificates to the students’ homes to celebrate their kind deeds. Sixth-grader Max Lazarowitz received the top award. Eighth-grader Haley McIntyre was the first runner-up, and Erick Tigre, a sixth-grader, was second runner-up.  

Max Lazarowitz won the AMD Kindness Challenge for his work raising money for people in need during the pandemic. 

Max organized a flash fundraiser for Feeding Westchester in March 2020, raising about $1,500 in three days by requesting donations and selling merchandise on his Max’s Arcade website. Max, who makes arcade games out of cardboard and other recycled items, was unable to hold his annual game night to raise money to buy toys and games for local families in need. By selling masks, hats and other merchandise online, he was able to fulfill many families’ wish lists.   

Max said his fundraising shows kindness because it helps other people during these hard times. It also inspires other kids to dream big and fundraise too. The Kindness Club delivered a dozen cupcakes and a certificate to Max’s home.  

Haley McIntyre was first runner-up in the AMD Kindness Challenge for sewing masks for family and friends throughout the pandemic. 

Haley, who received half a dozen cupcakes and a certificate, was recognized for sewing masks for her family and friends throughout the pandemic. “I wanted to make masks that they would wear and also keep them safe,” she said. 

Erick Tigre was second runner-up in the AMD Kindness Challenge for tracking down the owner of a lost cell phone.

Erick was the second runner-up for tracking down a stranger at the mall to return an iPhone that he found. He was successful after doing some detective work. The Kindness Club delivered six cupcakes and a certificate to Erick’s house.

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