Irvington Middle School Film Festival… A Showcase of Talent

Irvington Schools Film FestivalThe third annual Sixth Grade IMS Film Festival celebrated movie projects that students created in collaboration with the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville. This collaborative project was made possible by The Irvington Education Foundation.

The film festival is a culminating activity in reading and writing visual texts in the 6th grade ELA classes. The students did everything from storyboarding, creating the images, revising and editing their movies, adding meaningful transitions and audio. They have become writers, image makers, producers, directors and editors.

There were approximately 36 digital stories – each about 2 minutes long – narrative stories in which characters encounter real life conflicts and work to resolve them. The students worked in groups to create the films.

They were shown in sets of movies, by class, after which the 6th graders broke out into small groups to analyze and discuss each movie and the effectiveness of how the creators communicated the story line and other aspects of the story. Each cluster of movies and the accompanying discussion took approximately an hour.

The event took place on Wednesday, November 27 at the IMS Theatre of the Irvington HS/MS campus

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