Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute Accepting Applications

The Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute (EFLI) will open its doors for its tenth summer with a full docket of academic year and summer programs. The newest addition to the lineup of programming is the NYC Sustainable Fashion program, encouraging 16-20 year olds interested in the intersection between the fashion industry and sustainability to explore their leadership style in the city that never sleeps.

“Our programs promote leadership through workshops, trainings, and conversations that explore self-empowerment, connection with others, and activism in our communities“ said Antoinette Klatzky, Executive Director, Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute.

Since 2010, EFLI has supported over 4,000 participants in their own leadership development, and continues to expand its award-winning programs. In addition to the NYC Sustainable Fashion program, EFLI will host a program for Chinese students, a full summer of young women’s leadership programming, and a co-ed program called Leading With Impact.

Eileen Fisher, owner and founder of Eileen Fisher Inc, a multi-million dollar women’s fashion company, is a recognized leader in business, fashion and sustainability. Eileen has been consistently dedicated to supporting women’s leadership, as well as sustainable and ethical garment production. Through her clothing and educational initiatives, Eileen brings women together to cultivate personal growth, development, and confidence. She has demonstrated her commitment to environmentally sustainable practices by launching Vision2020, the company’s comprehensive plan to achieve 100% sustainability by engaging in socially and environmentally-conscious practices.

All of EFLI’s programs are based on the Eileen Fisher Inc. practices of creativity, confidence, connection and community. Over the last near decade of programming, 96% of young women have reported an increase in confidence levels, 89% felt a greater sense of self, and 85% felt a greater sense of community after participating in EFLI programs. “I feel empowered and confident,” says a past participant of EFLI, “I have become more aware of who I am and am motivated to learn and voice my opinion.”

EFLI continues to maintain a strong focus on uplifting the voices of young women. “Now more than ever, we believe it’s time to offer young women the tools they need to become the next generation of leaders we see in the world,” says Klatzky. In addition, the organization has continually expanded to meet the needs of its community. In 2015, EFLI began to provide programming for an extended community which includes young men, young people of all gender identities, and the adults who support young people, such as educators, parents, and advocates.

Applications take place on a rolling deadline with application incentives, including an Early Bird Special, in place through the end of January. Financial aid is available to interested and committed candidates. Information about EFLI programs, dates, applications and deadlines can be found online at http://www.efli-life.org/2019-programs-1/

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