Challenge Summer Institute

Challenge Summer Institute runs from July 31-August 11.  It is a fun, activities-based camp for students who are enthusiastic about learning.  It is open to students currently in grades 2-8 from Tarrytown and the surrounding areas as well.   Classes include computer programming, Lego architecture, robotics, crime scene investigation, martial arts, toy design, court room dramas, solar power, food chemistry, app design, kickboxing and more!

Students can participate for a ½ or full day, and take either 2 or 3 courses.  Each course meets for 90 minutes per day.  Classes are small, with an average of 12 students per class. Students can work with the teachers to select their own unique learning goals, so their program is individualized for each student.

Challenge Summer Institute camp is adding a series of simulation courses on Native Americans.  Classes will take place in a life-sized, student-created wigwam, and students will take part in activities such as legend telling, arts, dancing, music-making and creating of “artifacts.”

These courses are just some of the many interesting offerings at Challenge Summer Institute.  Other new courses include Gargoyles , in which students will learn about medieval art while creating mythical creatures out of paper mache, and Outbreak, a simulation in which students problem solve in order to survive a zombie apocalypse!

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