Briarcliff Spring Sports Season has Begun

Spring is in the air and Briarcliff High School’s athletic fields are abuzz with students running, jumping and hitting balls with softballs and baseballs, tennis rackets and lacrosse sticks.

The mild temperatures and sunny afternoons have been a boon for students and especially coaches, who are eager to see how the student athletes fare on the field and in the courts.

“I am looking forwards to a great season,” said Varsity Tennis Coach Drew Klein. “We have a lot of returning players and a lot of good new players, plus an eighth grader.”

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“As for practice, I am hoping for some friendly, yet fiery competition,” he said. “I don’t want anyone to get complacent.”

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The students have been working on their fitness levels because, according to Mr. Klein, last year they expressed interest in that.

“They are in good shape, though, because they play other sports year-round,” he said.

For Junior Varsity Girls Lacrosse players, it is all about learning the basics of the sport.

“We are working on teaching the students how to play the game because we have several new students this year,” said Coach Ellen Mager. “I hope they will play at the next level eventually.”

Runners in Varsity Track & Field were doing warm ups on the track, preparing for their first invitational this Monday.

“Our goal is to see students progressing in their skills, making friends and enjoying the experience,” said coach Zachary Rose. “It is fun for us to coach them and it should be fun for the students as well.”

According to Mr. Rose, the new freshmen students on the varsity team are receiving a warm welcome from the older students.

“The freshmen are fitting in well socially – everyone is very inviting,” he said.

Other sports that are played in the spring season are baseball, softball, girls and boys golf and boys lacrosse.


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