Your Own Assistant, Who Doesn’t Need One!?

"Keep steadily before you the fact that all true success depends at last upon yourself." (Theodore T. Hunger)

Companies are challenged, leaders are failing us and hard-working individuals are losing their jobs every day.

imagesDifficult times for many, but what good is it to allow ourselves to becoming depressed and paralyzed?! For most of us there is only one way to go: forward – and you want to make sure you control your own destiny.

That’s right. In a less advantageous economic climate, you can still thrive! Roll up your sleeves and be willing to work three times as hard, be persistent, consistent and continue to believe in your abilities. Know yourself and capitalize on your strengths. Business is out there!

After 14 years in various Senior Executive Assistant/Personal Assistant roles for a number of successful individuals, I decided to take my portfolio of knowledge/experience and enter the world as an independent consultant. This was about a year and a half ago, right before the financial world was turned upside down.

I became "Your Own Assistant" (, providing administrative and organizational support to individuals and businesses at all levels in this area. It has been a wonderful experience and I encourage everyone who has the energy and drive to pursue your dreams and take action.

My hours are split between the client’s home, their offices and/or my home office. The client is getting the skill set and knowledge of a six-figure salary assistant while they get charged on an hourly basis and dictate the exact hours themselves. There is no time obligation on the part of the client.

Requests vary from organizing and bringing structure to the office or the home in general, whether it is reorganizing a space or building a filing system (physical and/or electronic), to putting together a Powerpoint presentation. Someone needs temporary assistance throughout a renovation project. Another client may need ongoing administrative help, calendar management, travel arrangements, drafting a speech, bookkeeping, follow-up phone calls, research, etc. In some cases they really do not want to see much of me at all other than that first meeting and so they embrace the concept of a Virtual Assistant.

Few of us will have the good life served on a silver platter. But with hard work and determination, it is achievable for all of us. Be creative, find a different way to present your product so that people will hear you. Try new ideas and be flexible. Network like never before and take special care to maintain and nurture your already existing relationships. Referrals from happy clients are traditionally the best source of new business. Take every opportunity to improve your skills and to better yourself.

Take your life into your own hands and be successful. Make sure you get what you want – because you are worth it.

Charlotte Diener
Your Own Assistant
Tel. 914.332.1055

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