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Doctors Guillermo Torres and his wife Vicky recently moved their Tarrytown office to the Medical Building at 200 South Broadway in the Village. The move gave them more space and a great opportunity to incorporate the latest medical technology into their practices of General Dentistry, Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry, which includes small procedures like invisalign braces, dental implants, etc. Both Dr. Torres and his wife, known to her patients as Dr. Vicky, started their practice in 1999 after advanced training at the University of Rochester and Ohio State University, respectively. Dr. Vicky turned to General Dentistry while her husband gravitated to more complex problems that required reconstruction, implants, dentures and host of other specific dental needs.

“All of our patients, whether they need general dentistry or other services, receive a complete evaluation when they first visit us. We sit down with them and offer our experienced advice about what would work best for them,” Dr. Vicky said. “We accept all patients that need either dental preventative care like invisalign, teeth whitening, etc. or require more complex and specific treatments,” said Dr. Guillermo Torres.

Their office at 200 South Broadway, Suite 208 in Tarrytown is meticulously kept, and after a warm greeting from Treatment Coordinator Sarah Gonzalez, one’s first impression turns to the computerized methods used for patient folders along with the digital X-rays that are immediately shown on a flat screen monitor for both patient and dentist viewing. “We spend time with our patients and answer any questions they have. That helps them to be confident, relaxed and allows us to do our job,” Ms. Gonzalez said.

Prosthodontics is a restorative specialty in dentistry. It deals with the replacement of missing teeth and oral structures. According to professionals from companies like, it also pertains to artificial devices and the design of dentures, crowns, bridges, implants and cosmetic reconstruction. It is very detailed with regards to planning and treatment. “I am always able to offer my patients options that will best suit them. I take the necessary time from the start to explain these options so that our patients make informed decisions. That is very important. Our patients have a voice in their own treatment,” Guillermo Torres said.

Regarding Insurance claims, both dentists work with patients to maximize their benefits.

Included in their pre-treatment estimate is a detailed list of all costs, and the office submits all the necessary insurance papers for the patient. General dentistry fees are reasonable and payments by many insurance plans are considered as partial or full-payment. Fees for specialized prosthodontic services are agreed upon by both dentist and patient based on the complexity of the problem. Payment plans are also available to help patients receive the treatment they need.

Whether it is preventive care and general dentistry services like tooth pain treatment, tooth extraction, etc. or more advanced restorative, reconstructive, cosmetic, surgical or geriatric dentistry, professional dentists are here to help. Also, consider visiting Pacific Dental; they offer the best services you need. Click this website to learn more about Pacific Dental & Implant Solutions. Their professional training and concern for the people they treat is grounded in a belief. That belief is to offer the kind of care that they would want for themselves and their own family.

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