The Village Board of Trustees Adopts the Village’s Comprehensive Plan Update

On July 7th, the Village of Ossining Board of Trustees unanimously adopted “Ossining Tomorrow,” the Village’s Comprehensive Plan Update. The approval of the Comprehensive Plan Update sets a deliberate course for how we will work to grow, preserve, and improve our Village over the decade to come.

This Comprehensive Plan Update is considered both the vision and roadmap for the Village’s future. The Plan will provide context to the Board of Trustees and the Village’s volunteer committees on the community’s desired goals and objectives while providing the backdrop for future capital investments, programs, projects, and initiatives.

The Plan’s key objectives include inclusive economic development, environmental sustainability, and meeting the housing needs of a diverse community. The Plan outlines strategies to encourage investment and builds upon Ossining’s success as a growing entrepreneurial hub. It builds on environmental resources like our picturesque riverfront and numerous outdoor parks and recreational attractions. Additionally, it better prepares Ossining for climate change and sea-level rise with strategies to foster less reliance on fossil fuels, protect our natural resources, and mitigate impact along the waterfront.

“A community’s Comprehensive Plan is instrumental in setting the foundation for the future, and the robust engagement borne of this process resulted in a Plan reflective of Ossining’s diversity, hopes, and history,” said Mayor Rika Levin. “The final Plan reflects what it means to be Ossining today while anticipating all the best for Ossining tomorrow.”

The Village of Ossining would like to thank those who volunteered on the Steering Committee as well as the residents that contributed their feedback and input that went into our Comprehensive Plan Update.

The final adopted Comprehensive Plan Update can be found on the Village’s website by clicking here.

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