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Sitting opposite Matthew Gullotta one can sense an enthusiasm that pervades like a morning’s cup of flavorful brew. During a breakfast interview the young man, husband and father of two young children, spoke with the belief that his current work came into his life for a reason.


The Gullotta Family

Succinctly put — to help people "go green" one house at a time and for those who share his vision to become entrepreneurs.

Born in Tarrytown and a graduate of Sleepy Hollow High School, Gullotta and his wife Cinthia have a long history within the sister villages. Having this local connection is one reason he wants to give something back to the community that helped raise, educate and shape him. He intends to do that with WOWgreen household products that made their debut in February of this year.

Twelve household cleaning products make up the WOWgreen line. Everything from the bathroom to the laundry room has a specific environmentally safe cleaning product. There is a hand and dish soap, dishwasher detergent, stainless steel and glass cleaner, toilet bowl and tile and grout cleaner along with a laundry detergent and fabric pre-wash cleaners; in short, a cleaner for every room in the house. "We have the opportunity to be a company that is on the cutting edge with environmentally safe and effective products for the home. Every product contains only 4 ingredients, water, surfactants, enzymes and natural scents and dyes. The water disperses the surfactants. Surfactants are a type of soap that lift out stains during cleaning and the natural enzymes neutralize or act like a "Pac Man" and dispose of the dirt. Natural scents and dyes help to differentiate one product from another, "Gullotta said. He went on to add that all WOWgreen products are non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-allergenic. "At present there is no standard for being a ‘green product’ but that will change with our efforts," he added.

According to Rob Elliott, the Vice President of Marketing for WOWgreen headquartered in Michigan, its founder Allie Mallad has put the WOW in WOWgreen. "Allie has the vision and initiative of freeing the world of toxic chemicals one household at a time. That has been the leading thrust behind WOWgreen. The company has been in the developmental stage for awhile but basically it launched at a Dearborn, Michigan convention in mid-February," Elliott said. He added that the twelve cleaning products are delivered in two types of containers, which are either recyclable or reusable. "Basically you can turn your entire household green with one application." The company’s website reveals how that can be accomplished.

On April 30 at the Eldorado West Diner in Tarrytown, Matthew Gullotta will be hosting a "Green Your Home" presentation at 7:30 pm. "People have options with WOWgreen. They can simply be preferred customers with no obligation to buy set quantities of products, or they can become local distributors of the products," he said. For more information Gullotta can be contacted at (914) 525-0744 or at

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