Tarrytown to Commemorate Juneteenth in Patriots Park by Honoring a Public-Spirited Family and Correcting Long-Ago Error

To commemorate Juneteenth this year, the Village of Tarrytown is highlighting a little-known aspect of Village history, while correcting an error made almost 100 years ago. All are invited to join the Board of Trustees and the Village Historian on Juneteenth, Wednesday, June 19, 2024 at 10am at the Captors Monument for the commemoration ceremony.

Tarrytown History

In 1853, when a group of residents was searching for a location to place a monument honoring the captors of Major John Andre, William and Laura Taylor stepped forward. They were former slaves who had attained their freedom and owned a large parcel of land in what is now the southern portion of Patriots Park. Their property was located close to the site of the 1780 capture, adjacent to the Albany Post Road, and they donated the land for the erection of the monument.

An error to correct

To honor the 150th anniversary of the Major Andre capture, a marker was placed on the monument to recognize this public-spirited donation, and the plaque reads: “This tablet is placed by the Westchester County Federation of colored women’s clubs as a tribute to the memory of Mrs. Mary Taylor who gave this ground on which the present monument now stands. Erected September 26, 1930.”  As Village Historian Sara Mascia has discovered after many years of research, the donor’s name was not Mary, but Laura. The Village is taking this opportunity to correct this error, and is also recognizing William, Laura’s husband, drawing attention to the story of this fascinating family, and little-known piece of Tarrytown history.

On Juneteenth, a new plaque will be placed by the Village Board of Trustees led by Trustee Thomas Mitchell. Village Historian Sara Mascia will share additional stories about the Taylor family. All are welcome to join this special commemoration.

Event Date and Time: June 19, 2024, 10am
Location: Patriots Park, Village of Tarrytown 

For more information about Village history, please contact Sara Mascia atHistoricalsociety10591@gmail.com

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