Tarrytown Fire Department Chosen to Receive Drone and UAV Lighting Kit

On September 25th 2018 The Tarrytown NY Fire Department made a request to the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program (NPS-DDP.org) / Airborne Works for a free drone. NPS-DDP was founded by Airborne Works. Autel Robotics, a global drone manufacturer, and  FoxFury Lighting Solutions, a global public safety lighting solutions provider, has teamed up with NPS-DDP.org  to donate new drones and unmanned areal vehicle (UAV) lighting kits to departments in need.

The Tarrytown NY Fire Department has been chosen by Autel Robotics to receive one of 13 Drone kits to be donated. The UAV will be donated in person to Tower Ladder 78 HQ, 157 White Plains Road on June 12th at 11:00 AM. They now have a licensed FAA 107 drone pilot on staff to fly the drone. This UAV technology can help save lives, streamline deployment and provide real-time situational awareness for the Tarrytown Fire Department.

“Tarrytown borders the Hudson River to our west where the new multi-billion dollar Mario Cuomo Bridge has just replaced the over 60 year old Tappan Zee Bridge. This project coupled with vast riverfront development within our borders and just to the north in Sleepy Hollow NY would be the ideal area to utilize any sized drone for river rescue, major incident response, and inter agency response,” said 1st Assistant Fire Chief Bryan Meade of the Tarrytown Fire Department.

Autel Robotics, FoxFury Lighting Solutions and NPS-DDP understand every second matters in emergency situations. UAV and drone technology provide lifesaving assistance to public safety departments when emergency calls. Unfortunately, many public safety departments across the nation cannot afford to purchase UAV /drones, as the cost of the technology is very high and/or not budgeted for, this forces many departments to simply go without.

NPS-DDP.org hoped to alleviate this issue when establishing the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program (NPS-DDP.org), a first of its kind UAV/drone donation program whereby public safety departments may apply to receive a free UAV/drone at no cost to the department.

In addition to the drone, FoxFury Lighting Solutions is donating an FAA approved drone lighting kit which allows illumination for night operations.

The goal of the National Public Safety Drone donation Program and our supporting partners is to help “put eyes in the sky for every department in need.”

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