Tarrytown Appealing Sleepy Hollow Court Ruling

Village of Tarrytown New YorkThe Village of Tarrytown has never opposed development of the former General Motors site in the Village of Sleepy Hollow.  An action was filed by the Village of Tarrytown because our reading of the decisions and findings issued by the Sleepy Hollow Board of Trustees led us to believe that, while Sleepy Hollow recognized the development would adversely impact traffic in Tarrytown, there were no appropriate or adequate provisions for addressing those impacts in Tarrytown. The Village therefore commenced a challenge to the Sleepy Hollow approvals in order to protect the citizens and businesses of Tarrytown.

Today the Village filed a notice of appeal of the decision of the State Supreme Court in order to preserve Tarrytown’s options. The Village does not have to pursue the appeal and it is our hope that it will not be necessary. The findings of the Judge concluded that part of the $11.5 million in funds Sleepy Hollow is requiring from the developer is to be used to mitigate the traffic impacts in Tarrytown. While we did not interpret the Sleepy Hollow decision as making such a provision, simultaneously with the Village’s notice of appeal, we are reaching out to Sleepy Hollow to determine how much of those funds are actually available for traffic mitigation in Tarrytown. The Village is hopeful that the Judge’s reading of the Sleepy Hollow findings was correct and that Sleepy Hollow will commit sufficient funds to address the impacts in Tarrytown of the development project at the General Motors site and that it will not be necessary for Tarrytown to proceed with the appeal.

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