Local Travel Tips – 5 Interesting Hotels to Stay in New York City

A luxurious and comfortable hotel like the hotel Chania can make your journey exciting, relaxing, and soothing. Especially when you are going to the biggest city in the United States. If you will visit California, you can stay at a hotel in Carmel to make sure that you pick and choose a hotel that offers you comfort. As you know, the city never sleeps however you need to have some time to relax and sleep to visit the architectural, fashionable, and historical beauty of New York City.  

After extensive research, I have picked and enlisted top New York hotels that you can consider for your stay. I am sure, these hotels will add more to your spectacular journey and you will feel at home while relaxing. Therefore, let’s wait no more and explore these great hotel options in New York City.  

The box hotel: 

It is on the top of the list so you can assume the services they would offer. This 4-star hotel in New York facilitates you like no other. The hotel is embellished with artists’ masterpieces and the rooms of the hotel are more like mini-apartments featuring kitchen, and cozy living rooms. Besides this, they facilitate their guests with Wi-Fi, steam rooms, gym, and what not? You can avail all these services and much more just in 130 dollars per night. 

Hotel on Rivington: 

The hottest hotel in New York, designed in a way that you cannot get over its beauty is situated in Manhattan. Its 20-story glass structure makes it delicate as well as a sight to see. This 4-star lavish hotel has everything you can ask for from fancy cocktails to DJs, you name it and it has it. It costs 120 dollars per night stay. 

The Paper Factory: 

New York City is all about surprises and this hotel adds more to the city. This hotel is structured like a paper factory giving you library vibes. To give the hotel an ancient historical essence it incorporates British phone booths in lobbies and mini green refrigerators from the 1950s placed inside rooms. You can enjoy their services at 90 dollars per night. 

Arlo SoHo

This 4-star rated hotel Is approachable as it is located in Manhattan. The rooms of the hotel are possessing with its antique furniture. This hotel has everything you need to make your stay comfortable and money-worthy. You would be costed 130 dollars per night if you stay here. 

Yotel New York: 

If you have a YO personality then why not stay at yotel? This unique, fun, and funky hotel would entertain you in the best possible ways. It is located in Times square and the hotel furniture and interior design would leave you in awe. This technology hotel would offer you high-standard services from techno walls to self-service machines. All these services could be availed in 90 dollars per night stay. 

Final verdict: 

New York City has many more comfortable and unique hotels that you may choose according to your budget, desires, and needs. If you have a dog and can’t leave your furbaby alone at home, then a dog daycare can take care of your dog while you’re away. However, I must say that a comfortable hotel can vanish your tiredness in no time and make your trip double exciting. You can visit sites like Click On Cincy to find the best restaurants in Cincinnati.

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