Kendal’s Corner — Turning 100 Years of Age

Our most senior resident at Kendal on Hudson turned 100 years old and has been a lifetime resident of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow.

Susan Melaville was born in Pocantico Hills and spent her early childhood there.

Her father, Dominick Mascola, came from Italy and worked for John D. Rockefeller, Sr., as a mason and built the stone wall around the family compound that still stands today.

"I remember the children of the families who worked for the Rockefellers — we would wait for Mr. Rockefeller to return to his house at the end of the day and he could give us dimes and if we saved those during the week, he would give us an extra coin the next time." Susan says as she reminisced about those early childhood years. "It was a naturally beautiful place to live and we had our own house."

Susan was one of 8 children, born on November 20, 1907 to Adleina and Dominick Mascola. After the family left Pocantico Hills, they moved to Tarrytown Heights and her parents opened a store on Sunnyside Avenue facing the lakes. Susan remembers walking around the lakes, especially at the beginning of spring, and inhaling the scents of honeysuckle, roses and freshly cut grass. As a teenager she would go to the movies at the Music Hall and see all the Hollywood musicals.

Susan later married Michael Melaville and they had a daughter, Mary Lee. Her husband worked for Con Edison and Susan first worked at Tarrytown Hospital and later went to work at Dobbs Ferry Hospital as a clerk where she would be for 30 years. She raised her family in their home on Maple Avenue. Mary Lee married Frank Baglieri and had four children. Susan has 4 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

She now lives at Kendal On Hudson. Recently, her family threw a party at Kendal to celebrate Susan becoming a centurion. "I was so happy to see everyone and feel blessed to have lived this long."

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