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For those of you who have balance issues due to aging, illness, injury, disease, or work, this program might be your answer, and it is local! Balance and Fall-Prevention from "Grace On The Floor"® is a program for all adults who have balance issues.

It is produced, directed, and taught by Catherine Kazienko, a Fitness Expert and Ballroom Dancer, from Tarrytown, NY. Since 2001, through her company, MNA Services, Inc., she has taught this program to thousands of adults in Rehabilitation, Wellness and Fitness Centers, Community Centers, Senior Assisted-Living Centers, Independent-Living Facilities, and one-on-one sessions.

The program is filled with techniques for stretching, toning, breathing, balancing the body and fall-prevention. It teaches efficiencies in daily activities such as sitting, standing, walking and moving with minimal impact on the body. All movements are low impact in nature and done with a sense of joy and humor.

Each session of this program helps adults conduct their daily activities better than yesterday by guiding them through specific movements.

Since 2001, Catherine has been asked by those in her programs to film the sessions so they could do the movements on their own, on a daily basis. Catherine finally filmed the first part of her program and produced a DVD. The DVD is targeted for Seniors with normal aging issues; adults, who have had strokes, bodily injuries, or diseases that have compromised their normal body movement; those whose work is stationary and tiring; and Health Care Providers who can use these techniques with their clients.

Recognizing the necessity of assisting those individuals who have balance issues and are confined to their homes, Catherine now brings her program directly to those people. An in-home evaluation is made of the particular issues relevant to each person, and sessions are structured around those issues.

For more information about this program call 914-345-0100 or 1-888-234-4401. Email:

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