Hilltop Hanover Fundraiser

The Friends of Hilltop Hanover Farm, our community, and our friends, new and old are rallying to help Brett Alcaro and his family.  Brett was our Head Farmer at Hilltop for 4 years, and in his 4 years at Hilltop he helped lay the foundation for the farming and land preservation that is successful today and will be for generations to come.

Farmer Brett left Hilltop Hanover in December to return to New Jersey to be closer to family and friends.  Brett was working on a small organic crop farm in New Jersey up until the weekend of July 4th, when he went to the hospital with stomach pain. Within that week he was diagnosed with Liver Cancer that had spread from the Bile Duct. Our friend Brett is 37 years old and has always worked hard to support his family. This diagnosis has put Brett out of work and he and his wife and 1 year old son Oliver, have moved in with his family.  He and his wife Germaine are expecting their second child in December.


There are many ways to reach out and help Brett and his family in their time of need. One way is to attend a farm-to-table dinner, hosted by Friends of Hilltop Hanover Farm, is planned 7-9pm on October 3rd at Hilltop Hanover, 1271 Hanover Street, Yorktown Heights, NY. Local chefs and restaurants, plan a tapas dinner with beer and cider tasting. All proceeds from the event will support Brett, his wife Germaine and son Oliver. Tickets for the dinner are $75 each.

For additional information and to buy tickets, visit the calendar at Hilltop Hanover Farm’s website.


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