GM Bankruptcy & Reorganization, Local Dealership Closes

In the 1920’s it was Cawood Motors and they sold Chevrolets and Oldsmobiles. The named changed to Frank Chevrolet, named after Frank Mirenda who bought out the owners of Cawood.

imagesMr. Mirenda, his son, Joseph and Joseph’s son, Robert ran the Chevrolet dealership on Valley Street for three generations. Frank Chevrolet has closed its doors, and in speaking with two former salespeople who live locally, the writing had "been on the wall" for awhile. GM was looking for more modern salesrooms with customer waiting areas and an overall larger presence in local communities. In addition, the financial straits GM finds itself in have prompted it to revoke dealership franchises. Owner Robert Carlisto, declined to speak about the reasons for the closure. Regardless, the fallout from a bankrupt General Motors has seen a long-standing and multigenerational dealership turn into an empty showroom and lot.

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