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Dad, when people look at me, they always say I am a mirror image of you — looks, personality and, of course, appetite. To me, that’s the greatest compliment anybody could ever say and I am so proud to be your daughter.

imagesThroughout my eighteen years of life, you’ve been so supportive, compassionate, dedicated, loving and involved. You always stand by my side, in rain or shine, and give me the confidence to overcome any obstacle that crosses my path. I can’t thank you enough for all that you do. You inspire me everyday to push towards greatness and be the person I am today. I respect and idolize you so much for who you are: a person with a large appetite for life, an amazing sense of humor, an eagerness to learn and enlighten all around you, a heart of gold, and a friendly and outgoing disposition. You have given me so many gifts in life, from teaching me to swim to your daily words of wisdom and encouragement, but the greatest gift you have given me is you. Dad, you mean so much to me and I am so blessed to have someone so special like you guide me through life. I love you more than you will ever know and I’ll always be your baby girl. ♦ Always, Sarah

Sarah, I have always had a heart, and it always had a consistent beat — until you were born. Ever since that fantastic day that beat has had many different rhythms. Being your father has truly been a special life gift. You don’t know it, but you have helped to shape me into the father and man I am today. I had to become more responsible and give up personal things for you. Just know that I didn’t miss anything because I got to spend special time with you, whether it was teaching you to swim, going to your dance recitals, or just sitting and watching Barney with you. This was being a Dad, and I cherished every moment of it. This past year you became a senior. You had to sacrifice many things while going through the stressful college search and application process. You managed to accomplish all of this while juggling AP and honors classes, being captain of the swim team and being named Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper. I wanted many times to tell you to pull back, that you were taking too much on, but we had to trust that you would be able to manage your ambitious schedule, and you did. When did you become so mature? It happened so quickly before our eyes. My daughter, you have done spectacularly! I have no doubt that you will choose the right roads to go down during your college journey. Just know that Mommy and I will continue to support and love you with whatever you choose. Your path will always be ours too. Thanks for having me as your father and creating a rhythm in my heart that will forever remind me of you. ♦ Love, Daddy

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