Dads & Grads, The Rosners

My Dad is such a big part of my life. We have a special relationship that can’t be replaced by anyone else. I love his sense of humor – most of the time.

imagesI also love how much he knows; the knowledge that he has about the world seems unlimited. My Dad is a fun, spontaneous guy who always puts his family’s needs before his own and loves family vacations and times spent all together. He works as a bankruptcy lawyer, but loves learning and reading about all sorts of history, as we can all tell from the stream of Amazon deliveries. My Dad means so much to me. He is probably the only person who truly understands and relates to me and always makes me feel better, happy and safe. I wish that my Dad could stop worrying so much about everyone else and focus on what makes him happy. He has worked so hard to build great lives for his immediate and extended family that he deserves to live out whatever it is that he wants to do. ♦ Molly

Being a father means, at times, trying to act as if things you don’t think are important, are. It means being treated so well because your kids know you try so hard. It means having people who love you unconditionally and whom you love unconditionally. For Molly, raising her has been to watch her do everything for the first time, for her and for me, and to address questions that I did not know would exist as a parent. It has been to watch her triumph and to be determined to achieve. It has been to fall in love in an absolutely unique way from any other love that I ever felt. A reward has been to see Molly act with the value system that I intended. She has a good head and I trust her, though she is still and acts like a teen. I wish that Molly recognizes her strengths and limitations and that she becomes truly comfortable with both. I wish that she finds sustaining purpose that makes her feel that she is living with true fulfillment. And, I wish (selfishly) that she always feels like she can talk to me about anything. ♦ David

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