Dads & Grads, The Richters

"I can’t really describe what my Dad has been to me. Raising me with my Mom from the day I was born to the weeks leading up to my high school graduation is crazy to think about.

imagesThere are so many things that I love about my Dad; from his wisdom to his sense of humor, he has instilled so many things in me that I am thankful for. Next year, I’m going to miss how he tolerated my love of talking sports with him, as well as "ragging" on my Mom. He taught me the importance of sportsmanship, dedication, and hard work. He gave it his all, and I’m proud to be his son. I’m really going to miss him, along with the rest of my family next year." ♦ Ben

"To be the father of a grad…it means I might have to start paying attention to Sportscenter again because the human sports reference that lives in the house won’t be around. And who will keep us informed on where to get the best pizza? It means there will be one less person in the house to walk the dog and tell me how "uncool" I am. And it means we have to come to grips with the fact that he may never eat salad. It means we get to brag and show off and be proud of the kind of man he is turning out to be. We get to stand up and take credit for something he did. But we also have to say goodbye: to the cute kid running on the playground, the little leaguer, the kid on the swing and at the beach, the one with the cheeks, and the one whom you could hug forever. It’s a lousy bargain but it’s inevitable and it comes with the hope of a million more smiles." ♦ Scott

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