Coffee Lovers Chip In to Fund a Facelift for Peekskill Hot Spot

With PCH owner Sunny Cover (middle) are employees (clockwise from her) Raye, Dimitri, Ethan and Kristen

Some of the customers who fuel up with their daily dose of caffeine at Peekskill Coffee House (PCH) are injecting a jolt of capital into Peekskill’s downtown daytime anchor.  

After 20 years of operating her popular shop, owner Sunny Cover decided the time had come to restore that portion of the Flat Iron Building. Wear and tear was taking its toll, and renovations were in order. 

“The floors where customers are dining are 110-plus years old,” Cover said. “We’ve sanded them ourselves three times now and there’s nothing left. All that needs to be pulled out.”  

The renovations, including upgrades in equipment and water damage repairs, come with a target budget of $100,000. Cover had options, but was intrigued by a unique source in Honeycomb Credit, based in Pittsburgh. 

“I do have bank lines of credit I could have utilized; however, I came across Honeycomb and really loved the idea of the community being part of the fund raising,” she said. 


The gleaming new floor at Peekskill Coffee House replaces the original surface that was more than a century old

Through the Honeycomb model, local individuals invest money in businesses they know and frequent. Individual lenders contribute a small amount to the funding pool and receive quarterly checks. For the Coffee House loan, they get a 10.25% return. Cover quickly raised her $100,000 target through these loyal customers. 

Honeycomb is active in over 25 states and has worked with businesses that range from a farmers market and a Pittsburgh grocery delivery service to a distillery in Nashville and a composting company in Venice, Calif. “With inflation on the rise and big banks limiting loans, Honeycomb empowers businesses to pay their fans and customers back,” the company says. 

“Because the Peekskill Coffee House is community-based, it felt like a really exciting way to get customers part of what is happening,” Cover said. “I’m really proud that we actually raised $100,000 in 10 days, which Honeycomb has told me is a record for them.” 


The Coffee Shop closed in early June 2023, when the work began. The mobile shop parked outside is keeping customers fed and the staff working until re-opening. New refrigeration and reconfiguring counter space will add a customer pickup area and improve traffic flow. 

Honeycomb Credit offers a peer-to-peer lending platform that allows friends and family to invest in the companies they love. The company’s typical loan ranges from $60,000 to $75,000, with a term of three to five years. 

The borrower pays fees and then receives the loan money minus Honeycomb’s charge of six to eight percent. In a typical $100,000 loan, the borrower would get $92,000. 

“We provide a really cool opportunity to brings customers financially into your business without having to become equity investors,” said Amber Flevaris, Honeycomb’s Investor Relations manager. “Customers get a return out of it and borrowers enjoy a great way to pay back their customer base and get them involved in the business and continue to help them keep growing.” 


Since moving here from San Francisco, Sunny Cover has established the Coffee House as a Peekskill landmark. She’s promising that the new and improved shop will retain its trademark look and feel. 

“The Peekskill Coffee House has been a central gathering point since it opened in 2003. With its large windows and comfy ambiance, patrons can work productively, meet with their neighbors, or gaze out onto the streets of downtown,” said Bill Powers, executive directors of the Peekskill BID. 

“Being a ‘new’ business, PCH took a chance on downtown Peekskill twenty years ago,” he added. “Whether you’re a regular customer or a first timer, you are greeted by friendly staff, great coffee and amazing food. The planned renovations will only enhance the customer experience.” 



Jim Roberts is a freelance business reporter based in Peekskill. 



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